Struggling to navigate your way through the PE-DESIGN program??? Learn your software the Easy way. These manuals are written for self guided instruction for the Brother PE-DESIGN and Babylock Palette Software. It will take you through all aspects of the software and help you get the most from your software.

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Did you know that in PE-DESIGN® NEXT, you have the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts? For this example, lets create a keyboard shortcut for turning on and off the Grid function.

1. Click on the Down arrow next to the Quick Access toolbar and then choose More Commands.

2. At the bottom of the Commands window, click on the Customize Keyboard shortcuts button.

3. In the Categories window, select View.

4. In the Commands window, select Show Grid.

5. Click inside the Press new shortcut key box, and then Press the Alt key and the G key on the keyboard. If the shortcut has not been assigned to anything else, it will say Unassigned. If it is an existing shortcut, you will need to select a different keystroke combination. In PE-DESIGN lettering, you do not have to add a keystroke with a letter. The letter may be assigned by itself. However, to make both programs the same, use the same shortcut combination

6. Press the Assign button.
7. You may now click Close and OK in where appropriate.

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