Get inspiration and ideas! No More Ruined Garments, Puckered Embroideries, or Off-Center Designs. ANYONE Can Create Beautiful Embroidery with the Right Techniques & Secrets!

"THANK YOU...THANK YOU... THANK YOU. Kathi was a SMASH hit with my customers! What a Gem you have in her. She entertained, educated and demonstrated. I appreciate the opportunity to host such a top notch event. I would encourage other shop owners to host an event of this caliber,Thanks again and I look forward to 2013 when she can come back again!" Gail Marcy, Satin Stitches Sewing & Embroidery, Columbia, MO

Kathi Quinn, National Education Coordinator for RNK Distributing, exclusive distributors of Floriani Products has become known for her love for sewing, quilting and embroidery. Kathi started her passion for all aspects of embroidering with the early home embroidery machines. Kathi began teaching others her tricks and solutions to everyday challenges in home embroidery many years ago. Today she has taught classes all over the country in basic embroidery techniques, all about stabilizers, sewing projects, computer software basics, serger projects, heirloom sewing, and many more. Kathi has become licensed on all major machines through Martha Pullen schools and has recently taught at the Hands On Sewing Schools, and Martha Pullen Schools. Her expertise along with a relaxed personality makes her class fun, informative, to the point and creates a workshop type atmosphere.

See Kathi Quinn Floriani Videos on You Tube

We’ve got a brand new screenshot video from Kathi Quinn, specifically for all of you who have asked her recently for more help with design overlap. In “POW Overlap and Resequence”, Kathi uses a design from FTC-U’s free March designs to illustrate for you overlap removal, slow redraw, re-sequence options and Corner repeat! Cut back on unwanted stitch density, see the video for yourself below

Recipes for Embroidery Perfection!

Just like in cooking, recipes can make or break a dish. Without the correct ingredients and knowledge of the techniques cakes, sauces, and other dishes will not turnout as we hoped.

Creating perfect embroidery is no different. Varying digitizing and editing techniques as well as selecting the right stabilizers and toppings can make all the difference.

  • New Hooping Techniques
  • The perfect Stabilizer Solution for any application
  • The latest in embroidery equipment capabilities
  • How to save money with Walter's embroidery business secrets
  • How-to optimize your embroidery files for any home and commercial machines
  • Editing Essentials and more!

    *Plus all attendees receive a $599 Free gift from Floriani and Allbrands!

    Who is Walter Floriani?
    Walter Floriani is the fifth generation of the "Floriani Embroidery Legacy". He is known as "The Embroidery Guru". Walter Floriani is a world renowned embroidery creator, educator, speaker, author and entrepreneur. His families' history spans back to the beginning of the mechanized embroidery.

    Walter has owned and operated the family business since 1981. The Floriani products include training, designs, software as well as his current venture, in partnership with RNK Distributing, of a line of stabilizers and threads created specifically for the home embroidery process.

    A Note from Walter...
    "For five generations my family has lived an embroidery life, dealing in every phase of the process. Our philosophy is simple, "You have to give to get". Our goal is to offer a proven method of embroidery education with the finest embroidery, sewing & quilting products in the industry. Our pledge is to provide you these products and services with a positive, productive, friendly and motivational attitude. Our desire is to enhance your knowledge in order to help you attain the optimum level of creativity. Our hope is to become part of your sewing family by making you part of ours.

    Walter Floriani

    Live with Floriani Webinar Schedule
Join Allbrands and Floriani for an informative 4 hour class that will not only entertain and educate but, increase your creativity in every embroidery project.

  • Learn why an embroidery design does not stitch the way it looks on your screen, before you start.
  • Learn how software can convert a design to stitch on any fabric perfectly.
  • Learn secrets to perfect stabilization for any design on any type of fabric.
  • Learn how to easily create applique designs in a few simple clicks - using any embroidery machine with Appli-Stitch™, a new and exciting form of machine applique embroidery.

    It is true, not all embroidery is the same, it is also true that some embroidery is more difficult than others, but all embroidery should be beautiful.

    Anyone can create beautiful embroidery with the right techniques and the Floriani Family Secrets

    If you want to perfect your embroidery process PLUS receive AMAZING Floriani product discounts available only during Floriani Embroidery Perfection Tours then you don’t want to miss this event!

    Learn the secrets to perfect design selection, perfect stabilizing, and perfect embroidery.

    Come be a part of the excitement while enjoying this entertaining, and educational event.
    Learn to perfect all embroidery using the correct stabilizer based on your garment and design type.
    No job or project will challenge you again, even the most difficult fabrics like velvet, silk, leather, and suede.
    See how the experts overcome hooping issues as they share tips and tricks that will make your hobby more enjoyable or your business more profitable.
    Watch Floriani's Embroidery Software turn a novice embroiderer into a MASTER and the MASTER a MAGICIAN!

    Click HERE for Floriani Quick Reference Guide to Stabilizer Recommendations by Fabric Type
    Click HERE for Floriani Workbook for Recommendations by Stabilizer Type
    Click HERE for Floriani Catalog of Products

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