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Automatically correct designs and make them stitch like they were manually digitized by the master himself.

Now YOU can have the Floriani family secrets of perfect embroidery at your finger tips. Automatically correct designs and make them stitch like they were manually digitized by the master himself. NEVER ruin another garment because of poorly digitized designs! Save 2 Sew wizard based tools help you make the right choices for each project --- EVERY TIME.

Simple to use design correcting software uses Floriani Family Secrets to automatically edit designs to stitch perfectly. Stitch2Perfection can make your designs look like they were digitized by a Master!

  • The simplicity of Auto Digitizing with a touch of Floriani Magic
  • Transform images by size, rotation, cropping or mirroring (includes over 900 images to get you started)
  • Use the "Color Reduction" screen to rearrange color sequence or select colors to delete
  • Easily add lettering to your designs with one of 10 creative fonts
  • 33 choices of fabric and fabric weights provided to digitize proper density and underlay
  • Adjust pull compensation by either percentage, absolute, vertically or horizontally
  • Adjust density of all stitches simultaneously or limit to satin or fill options
  • Adjust running stitch by lengths
  • Appliqué feature enables you to create custom appliqué shapes or choose from over 150 pre-digitized shapes. Choose from satin, e-stitch or motif borders
  • Easily batch convert multiple file formats
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Formats Supported Include: Artista (.art), Barudan Dos (dat & Uxx), Click2Stitch (c2s), GN Scalable (gnc), Melco Scalable cnd), Janome Scan-n-Sew PC/Elna Envision Scan PC (sew), Janome/New Home 1000 (jef, jef+), Magellan Scalable (mgl), Magellan Style sheet (stl), Melco DOS expanded (exp), Pfaff (ksm, vp3), Pfaff Macintosh (pcm), Singer PSW (xxx), Tajima (dst, dsb, dsz), Toyota (10o), Pfaff PC- Designer V2.0 & V2.1 PC (pcs)(vp3), Toyota Poem/Singer EU/Dos HuskyGram (csd), Baby Lock/Bernina Deco/Brother/Simplicity (pes), Viking (vip), Viking D1 (shv), Viking DOS Customizer/Customizer 95 (hus)

Box Reader Compatibility: Magic Box, Magic Box Plus, Mini Magic Box, Mini Magic Box Plus, The Ultimate Box, Amazing Box, Amazing Box II, Mini Amazing Box, Mini Amazing Box II

Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP Home/Pro (SP1,2), Vista, P3 300Mhz Processor, 300MB hard drive space, 128MB RAM, DVD Drive, 800 x 600 display, Mouse, Internet Access.

"All of our Floriani software will run on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1." D. J. Anderson, RNK Distributing.com 12/27/13