Want to embroider like the pros? Discover the best kept secret embroidery professionals have been using to ensure accurate design placement.

If you struggle with any of the following, you are not alone. Seasoned and expert embroiderers face the same challenges.

  • Hooping a garment or fabric straight.
  • Creating continuous hoop embroidery.
  • Linking a series of designs.
  • Determining what degree a design should be rotated.

    But there's no need to struggle anymore! Simply use the Angle Finder to determine the number of degrees a design should be rotated on your embroidery machine. You will embroider a straight design no matter how crooked you have hooped the garment or fabric. You'll also be able to link a series of designs for continuous and all-over embroidery.

    In five easy steps you will be stitching perfectly every time.

    1. Position the template and target sticker on the garment/fabric.
    2. Hoop the fabric. Don't worry about hooping perfectly square.
    3. Use the angle finder to determine the number of degrees needed to rotate the design on the embroidery machine.
    4. Enter the number of degrees on the embroidery machine.
    5. Embroider the design with confidence!

    * Angle Finder Ruler for Design Rotation Measurement.
    * 5” Centering Ruler
    * 7” Centering Ruler
    * 12” Centering Ruler
    * 40-page spiral bound instruction book

    The In the Hoop Tool Kit will empower you to face embroidery challenges with confidence.
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Machine Compatibility:
The Angle Finder works with any machine that features 1 Degree and 5 Degree Rotation.

1 Degree Rotation

* Baby Lock: Ellegante, Ellageo, EMP6
* Bernina: Artista 200, Artista 730, Aurora 430E, Aurora 440 QEE
* Brother: Duetta, PC8500, ULT 2001, 2002D, 2003D, Innov-is 4000D, PE-700, PR-600
* Elna: Xquisit, Xquisit II or 9020
* Janome: Memory Craft 10001/10000 version 3.0
* Janome 11000 (rotates in 1 degree increments)
* Pfaff: Creative 2144, 2170
* Pfaff: Creative Vision
* Singer: Quantum XL-6000 and the Futura
* Viking: Designer SE

5 Degree Rotation

* Baby Lock: Esante
* Kenmore: Elite Ergo3 19010 Ver. 2.0
* Memory Craft: 10000/10001 version 3.0 and the new 11000

Consult your machine's manual for up to date information on your machine's rotation ability.

The Angle Finder may also be used in conjunction with various embroidery software packages. Most design editing software allows designs to be rotated in small increments. The steps are:

1) Hoop the item.
2) Determine the rotation amount with the Angle Finder.
3) Make the rotation adjustment in software.
4) Send to the machine directly or via designated design media.