Backorder: Due to an unforeseen production challenge please be advised that the Velocity V100 iron will be out of stock until the 4th Quarter of 2014 . In the interim please consider the Velocity V50, and the Velocity V200 irons as excellent alternatives. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this stock shortage may cause. Please contact us if you have any questions.

New Auto Shut Off Override for Sewers! Set lowest soleplate temperature for nylons. Get full steam generation! Stainless Steel Soleplate. Soft Touch Grip, Anti Calc Scale Plug

Enjoy professional ironing quality and speed with the simplicity of using a traditional iron. With a revolutionary and patented technology, the V100 incorporates and internal heating element and pump system that produces more steam continuously than conventional irons. New Auto Shut Off override great for sewing projects.

The new Digital Velocity V100 is the most advanced stand alone iron in the world. You can now enjoy professional ironing quality and speed with the simplicity of using a traditional iron. With a revolutionary and patented technology, the V100 incorporates an internal heating element and pump system that produces more steam continuously (up to 30g/min) than conventional irons. This guarantees a professional finish to your garments.

No iron gives you more accurate control of the temperature than the V100. When selecting your fabric temperature setting, the digital thermostat controls the temperature with far greater accuracy than conventional nondigital irons.

The Digital Velocity doesn’t produce steam at the soleplate like traditional irons, but generates it inside, in a pre-heating chamber. With this advanced technology, there is no need to have a higher temperature in order to prevent water spitting. It works so well in fact, that our V100 bears the Woolmark Approved symbol confirming its safe use on delicate wool fabrics.

In addition, the Digital Velocity has an acoustic warning device that beeps when the desired temperature is reached, when the auto shut-off safety system is activated and each time you press a selection button.

To save energy and water, the unique Eco-Intelligent™ system will stop the iron from steaming after 3 seconds of not detecting movement. Ready to iron again? Simply pick up the iron and begin pressing. There is no need to touch a button for steam.

Much loved by sewers and ironing enthusiasts, Steam Ready™ allows the user to iron continuously without the auto shut-off feature. When activated, the iron will not shut off, unless manually turned off by the user.

  • Woolmark Approved®
  • Eco-Intelligent™ stops steam after 3 seconds when there is no motion
  • Steam Ready™ allows user to bypass auto shut-off
  • Advanced digital temperature control
  • Beeps when correct temperature is reached
  • 8 minute standard auto shut-off
  • 1800W heating element
  • 30g/m of powerful continuous steam
  • 1.8 cups (430 ml) water capacity
  • Stainless steel sole plate
  • Steam holes at the tip for more steam power(like our professional irons)
  • Anti-scale cartridge
  • Ergonomically designed handle to reduce hand and wrist stress

    Reliable Warranty Information (.PDF)
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Model: Digital Velocity - V100
Electrical: 110V
Water capacity: 1.8 cups - 430 ml
Wattage: 1800W
Elements: 2
Maximum pressure: 30g/min.
Steam generator type: Yes
Continuous steam: Yes
Automatic shut-off: Yes
Bypass auto shut-off: Yes
Soleplate: Stainless steel
Anti-scale cartridge: Yes
Power consumption: 13 amps
Cord length: 8.2’
Electrical approval: cETLus
Weight: 4 Lbs (1.81 kg)
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A micro-motor and pump "pushes" steam through the soleplate giving the Digital Velocity an unbelievable volume of steam (30g/min). There's no need for a burst function when the steam is this powerful (BTW, no professional iron has a burst function; with enough steam pressure you simply don't need it).

The advanced digital display is the "control center" of the iron. It tells you when the iron is on, what temperature has been selected, and when the correct temperature has been reached (no more guessing). It even sends out an audible beep to notify you when the correct temperature has been reached.

If you are in a hard water area, the build up of minerals such as calcium can be very detrimental to an iron. While we do recommend distilled water for your Digital Velocity iron, a replaceable anti-scale cartridge actively removes minerals from whatever water you are using, prolonging the life and improving the performance of the iron.

Wondering where all the holes went? The fact is, there is no professional iron on the market that uses more holes at the tip than our Digital Velocity iron. An iron that is made with our advanced two heating element technology not only doesn't need more holes, but actually works better without them. Just like a professional iron, we want to get as much steam into the fabric as quickly as possible. The fewer the holes, the more steam pressure we get, and the less holes to potentially clog up. We also use stainless steel as our soleplate material because it is an excellent transferrer of heat, and there is nothing to scratch off that can become airborne and be detrimental to ones health.

The new V100 incorporates an improved 1800W heating element which heats the iron up faster, and maintains its temperature over extended use.

icon Vertical ironing with no loss of steam

icon INSIDE THE V100 Not only does the V100 produce the best steam of any iron on the market, the illustration showing the inside confirms that this is no ordinary iron.

Phillip Scott, Port Arthur, Texas
This is one of the best steam iron I have ever purchased. I purchased this product about 8-months ago, I iron every day of the week due to my job were I meet the public on a day to day basis and need to look my best. Just want to say thanks for a super great product. Now since we agree that I'm totally happy with the Digital Velocity V100 Steam Iron, their is just one modification I hope you will consider on future Reliable V100's. The LCD digital display and controls really need to be relocated to an area where your hand can't change the settings just by picking up or handling the iron when in use. My wife have experience the same problem while in use. Other than this issue it's a great product.

Mary, North Carolina
Very good service!

Mandie, Louisiana
This is an amazing iron!! I've used a Rowena for 14 years but Reliable beats Rowenta hands down!

Lydia, Nevada
Very easy process!

Susan, Michigan
so far the iron is good. heats up quickly, puts out great steam. Getting an understanding of how it works. I am a sewing professional and need a good reliable iron. Hoping this one proves to be "the one".

Renee, Minnesota
This iron was mentioned on a blog I follow and it is amazing. I love the fact that I have a choice of auto shut off or not. I have been using it on the wool I dye for jackets and it out performs the previous more expensive iron I was using. Thanks.

Jerome, Michigan
Tell my friends about you all the time! Great company!

Doris, Indiana
Fantastic product from Reliable. Very fast shipment, recieved the iron in 5 days including the weekend!

Rowena, Arizona
I was pleased that you would take the time to send it to me. (Iron) Especially after I saw that you didn/t sent to P.O.boxes. I understand why you don't like to do that but it sure make it difficult for people like me who have no other choice but a pobox. THank you and I received in record time.

Joyce, Missouri
Loved your service and love my iron. Prices good too.

Julianne, Florida
This iron is as good as my sister's Larastar!!! And way less $$$!!! Thanks so much! Very pleased -- especially if it doesn't leak in 3 - 6 months like all the Rowenta's I have purchased.

Reliable Corporation,
Preserving everyday and delicate fabrics is the main driver behind the latest innovation in home ironing from Reliable Corporation. Using patented technology, the Digital Velocity V100 home ironing system uses an internal heating element and pump system that produces more steam continuously — up to 30 grams per minute — than conventional irons, delivering professional results and extending the life of fabrics. The V100 is the only home iron to be awarded the industry’s coveted “Woolmark Approved” status, confirming its safe use on delicate wool fabrics: even at the lowest temperature settings, there is no spitting or sputtering. The V100's unique digital thermostat allows the user to fine tune the temperature setting to precisely match the fabric, and then it “beeps” when the correct temperature has been reached. “As a maker of professional irons, we wondered why no one had designed a high-performance, non-spitting iron for the home category,” said Reliable Corporation CEO Robert Kahn. “We discovered that the trick was to preheat the water before it hits the soleplate, which prevents the soleplate from cooling off. Then we put in a patented internal heating chamber and a micro motor and pump to push the steam through; with more steam, ironing becomes more efficient, making it less of a chore.” Highly valued by sewing and fabric care professionals, the V100's Steam Ready™ feature allows the user to press continuously without activating the auto shut-off feature. The Eco-Intelligent™ feature stops the iron from steaming when there is no movement for three seconds, saving water and energy; once V100 detects movement again, steam production restarts immediately.

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