LadyBug Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners

Additional Information:
Vapor steamers: You want your home to be clean, but the toxic chemicals in traditional cleansing agents may actually do more harm than good. Ladybug's innovative WATER ONLY cleansing process removes the dirt you can see and kills the germs you can't - in one easy step. It even improves the quality of the air you breathe. What’s more, because our systems use only small amounts of water, treated surfaces are dry within minutes. And the whole process is virtually mess-free! No superficial chemical or abrasive cleaners, harsh toxic fumes, or dulling chemical residue. Safe for your family and pets. Safe for the environment—no pouring toxic chemicals down the drain. Effective on much more than carpets and floors. You can sanitize and deodorize nearly every surface in your home. A full line Ladybug Steam Cleaners is the way to sanitize and deodorize your home. Our Ladybug Vapor Cleaners are the best tested on the market to clean your carpets and floors. Our models include the Ladybug XL2300 with Tancs, Ladybug 2200S, Ladybug 2150 and Ladybug Techno. Dry Vapor Cleaners are the best natural chemical free way to clean your home. It is important to note that vapor cleaners should not be used on most wood or laminate floors. The best way to use a dry vapor system is to clean grout, clean tubes, clean