Tin Lizzie

Tin Lizzie 18"DLS Long Arm Machines, King Size Metal Frames

Additional Information:
As we looked at the other quilting machines on the market we noticed there really was not one on the market that had high quality, high end features, at a real favorable price, with all the features the home quilter would like to have. So we went to work on filling this void in the long arm quilting market. The dream of the TinLizzie18 began. As the designing process took place our first step was to develop a machine with features that a home quilter would want. First we wanted a moving foot (walking foot), this would allow the quilter to go through any thickness as well as form a great quality stitch. Next we noticed that most of the machines were using a small capacity bobbin, we are using a large bobbin as it eliminates the changing of the bobbin so frequently. We then had to decide how long the bed of the machine should be and determined it should be 18” allowing the quilter to quilt large blocks even towards the end of the quilt. We also wanted to have a stitch regulator on the machine so we contacted Carol and David at the Cruise Control Co. to develop one for us. With the main specifications before us we began the development of the first prototype. With many modifications along the way we had a sample machine to test. It worked better than our imagination. After testing with expert quilters, taking into consideration opinions and wishes of our current customers, and making the needed improvements, the TinLizzie18 is now in production.

Welcome to TinLizzie! We are excited to share our long arm quilting expertise with you, and we’re thrilled that you are considering TinLizzie18 for your quilting needs! Having been in the sewing industry for over 60 years, our family’s experience runs deep. We offer products constructed from the best materials and built by the best manufacturers. As quilters ourselves, we have designed our products to meet the needs of each and every quilter, providing all of the necessary features of a long arm quilter, in addition to the famous Lizzie Stitch, which allows for uniform stitch length at varied speeds and movements. With the most streamlined design that modern engineering can offer, TinLizzie18 long arm machines are large enough for the professional quilter, yet affordable enough for the everyday quilter. As you browse, take note of TinLizzie18’s key features. Most of these features are exclusively ours — no other machine offers you more for less — and they are all included standard on each of our machines. Happy quilting!