INCLUDED: Superior PRO-1 5.5" Hot Knife Foam Cutter Heavy Duty Hand Held Electric

Tough 6" & 9" PRO Rods with a Pro Power Supply and Versatile Sled Guide, Table Adaptor & Stand. The Stainless Steel Rod has a high tech insulation that allows continuous duty without shutting down to cool. Ergonomic stay on power switch. Heats to over 750 degrees F in one minute. Turns corners and cuts circles.

  • No Auto Off- continuous duty cycle tools (doesn''t shut down to cool)
  • Stay-on power switch
  • Heats to over 750 degrees F in one minute
  • Cuts corner and circles easily with cylindrical rod shaped blades
  • Outer tube is stainless steel, and inner tube contains the heating element for hot precision cutting
  • Select 110/220V (110 is standard US voltage)

    Use for: Foam fabricators, packing electricians, ICF/EIFS, architectural models, ribbon and fabric, candle making, model railroads, battlefield terrain, village model making, theater props and sets, Foam Sculpting, arts and crafts.

    Hot Knife Customer used Five Star PBW Cleaner (Powdered Brewery Wash) to clean Nylon off of a hot knife.
Included Accessories
Sled Guide
Table Adapter