Bob Corey makes "The World's Best-made Custom Extension table!". Happy Voyager 12 Needle Embroidery machines that use hoops can use the extra support of this table so that the machine does not have to fatigue its hoop mechanism on heavy sew outs. Can also be used on all other size hoops!

This Deluxe Table configuration is cut to allow the user to use the Fast frames GIGA hoop or any hoop available without the material dragging and snagging during sewout!

  • New Improved thickness, Won't give under heavy garment weights.
  • Twist on/off suction cup legs for those in a hurry to disassemble their table.
  • No holes in smooth acrylic table top surface.
  • Table Size is (20" by 22" approx.) 6mm thick table.

    Made By US Veterans.
  • High quality Acrylic construction.

  • Designed to fit Happy Voyager 12 Needle Embroidery Machines.

    Available in choice of colors:
    Opaque White
    Opaque Black
    Translucent Glass Blue
    Translucent Glass Clear
    Translucent Glass Green

  • 20" x 22" x 6mm Acrylic Extension Table
  • No holes in table top surface
  • Twist on/ twist off suction cup legs