• Clean Surge feature provides an extra burst of cleaning solution for spots and stains at your fingertips.
  • Heated Cleaning
  • 12 Amps
  • 24 ft. Power cord
  • SpinScrub (5 rotating brushes)
  • 8 ft. Attachment hose for cleaning upholstery and stairs.
  • Brush-Speed Selector
  • Powered hand tool
  • 2 translucent tanks keep cleaning solution and dirty water separate.
  • Patriot Blue Color
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Download instruction manual(.PDF)

  • 12 Amp Motor
  • 5 Multi-Speed Brushes
  • 24 ft. Power Cord
  • 8 ft. Attached Hose
  • 1 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • Large Trundle Wheels
  • Beltless, Removable Brushes for easy cleaning.
Included Accessories
  • 16 oz. Carpet/Upholstery Detergent
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Powered Hand Tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
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icon Powered Hand Tool

icon Safe for upholstery

No pickup at nozzle?

1. Clogged inlet screen
1. Remove Recovery Tank and check for debris on screen.
2. No suction at screened inlet
2. Check to insure that the handle is in the up position. This model is designed with a valve that shuts suction off when the handle is lowered all the way to the down position. The valve arm is actuated by the handle. Check for a stuck or broken valve. If this checks out, check the motor.
Suction at this inlet should measure approx. 55” of water.
3. Recovery Tank not seating against seal
3. Check to insure recovery tank is properly seated and is not warped or damaged.
4. Tool Door broken or missing
4. Check to insure that the Tool Door is closed and not damaged. Also check the condition of the seal.
5. Tubing clogged
5. Check for suction at tool door opening and again at the nozzle opening.
6. Recovery Duct missing or damaged
6. Lower Handle and check the duct that runs from the Hood back to the suction Hose.
7. Front Nozzle Plate missing or improperly
7. Check for damaged or missing Front Nozzle Plate. Properly assembled. assembly is outlined in the owner manual.
8. Front Nozzle Plate seal damaged
8. Check and replace if damaged.

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