The Shark Steam Mop utilizes steam to remove tough grease, dirt and grime. Steam is nature`s purest and most powerful cleaner for safely cleaning all hard floor surfaces (such as marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor and carpet) in your home without harsh chemicals, thus being perfectly ecological.

Shark Steam Mop cleans your tile, hardwood, linoleum and vinyl floors.
Quick and Easy:
  • Eliminates rinsing, wringing, carrying buckets of water and redistributing the dirt on the floor.

  • Steam dries quickly unlike traditional mopping. Uses powerful steam for superior cleaning and sanitizing.

    No Harsh Chemicals:
  • Use plain tap water or distilled water. Leaves no chemical residue behind.

  • No heavy buckets to carry, weighs only 3 lbs. Only one third the weight of carrying a bucket of water and mop.

    Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle:
  • Comfortable design makes it easy to maneuver without physical strain.

    Quick Start Up:
  • Steam is ready in just 30 seconds

    The Shark Steam Mop obliterates tough grime on tile floors. It eradicates stubborn dirt on linoleum and vinyl floors. It melts away sticky dried up soda and much much more.

  • Obliterates tough grime
  • Eradicated stubborn dirt
  • Disintegrates scuff marks
  • Melts away stick messes
  • Absorbs muddy footprints
  • Replaces the traditional mop and bucket
  • Uses Normal tap water, distilled/purified water if the tap water is very hard
  • Begins working in approximately 30 seconds
  • Includes 2 Washable Triple Action Microfiber Pads
  • 8 Fl. Ounce Capacity Tank
  • 10.5" Cleaning Path
  • 20 Foot Cord
  • Not for use on Unsealed Wood and No wax floors
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Item Code: 66231446
  • Category: Cleaning Supplies

Included Accessories
  • Including 1 x 1500w Steam Mop (20" cord, easy to release)
  • 1 x Extension Tube
  • 2 x Microfiber Cleaning Pads
  • 1 x Ergonomic Hand Grip
  • 1 x Filling Flask
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 1 x Instructional manual in English
  • 1 x Free Carpet Glide
What are the recommended uses for the Shark Steam Mop?
All of the following:

* All type of floor surfaces
* All around the home
* Replaces the traditional mop and bucket

What uses are NOT recommended for the Shark Steam Mop?
All of the following:

* Unsealed Wood
* No wax floors

What type of water do I use?
Normal tap water is fine. It is recommended to use distilled/purified water if the tap water is very hard.

Can I use cleaning solutions, scented perfumes, oils or other chemicals?
Do Not use any products in the Shark Steam Mop - only water.

What is the water capacity of the Shark Professional Portable Steam Cleaner?
8 Fl. Ounces or 240 ml

How long does it take to heat the water and how do I know when my steam cleaner is ready for use?
Allow approximately 30 seconds for vapor to reach its working temperature. Then proceed to push down on the handle a few times to initiate the steam release. Start mopping and the push to pump motion will release steam as you go.
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