• Basics of Long Arm Quilting
  • Explaination of how process works
  • Advice on tools, supplies, accessories
  • Complete Information on Pantograph
  • Overview of the Business of LongArm Quilting
  • 32 Pages of Pantograph Patterns
  • Reference for Quiltmakers that hire professionals to finish quilts
Richard, New York
Completely satisfied with the service you have rendered my orders. I have enjoyed doing business with you. Thank you.

Jean, Arkansas
AllBrands is an excellent company with great service and products.I will continue to buy their products.


I have this book and would recommend it very highly. It is very clear with excellent illustrations. There are a number of quilting designs meant to be copied and used for your own quilting. I have all of Linda Taylor's videos as well as her book. The book is very nearly as good as watching a video.