NOTE: *Distance from needle to neck of machine as well as height of arm space will limit the amount of quilted fabric that can be rolled up into the arm. Use thin batting for more roll up. The finished quilt which is on one of the rods of the frame does fit in the arm space. Most machines can do a queen size with longer rods which customers can buy themselves.

The kit has two nylon Frame Ends, the 6 round Maximizer Rod Ends and all the bolts and screws and DVD and good instructions. (No rods are included )

Add your own metal rods (EMT) from the home improvement store. Good instructions tell you exactly what to purchase.

  • We offer a Frame Kit which includes the nylon frame ends and hardware for your frame rails.
  • *You add the round metal tubes which can be purchased the length you want at hardware stores.
  • Price includes an informative video
  • This Euro-Kit has six Maximizer II Adaptors so quilters can use metal conduit right from the start. (No rods are included). The Kit has the two nylon Frame Ends, the 6 round Maximizer Rod Ends, all the bolts and screws plus DVD.

These Options and Accessories Sold Separately:
  • 42" Multi-Frame Rails (3)
  • Frame Stand for Hand Quilting
  • Extra Rod Ends
Included Accessories
Frame Ends (2)
Rod Ends with Bolts (6)
Knobs (6)
Phillips Screws (12)
Step-By-Step Video (27 min)
Owner's Manual
Other Images

icon Flynn Multi Frame Kit shown with your provided rails for queen size.

Does this quilting frame work with any free arm machine or do you
have to have a special machine? Also, up to what size quilt can be
quilted on this frame?
Yes you can use the Flynn Quilting Frame with any freearm sewing machine or longer arm portable machines at There is no limitation on sideways freemotion quilting, since the fabric is rolled from two pvc tubes on either side of the freearm. Distance between the needle and neck of your sewing machine requires that you shift the fabric on the pvc rolls from front to back. There is only so much room in the arm space of your machine to shift the fabric towards the center of the quilt. Then you have to turn the entire project around to move to the center of the quilt again from the other side. Quilt size is limited by how much fabric will fit in your machine arm space, for up to 1/2 of the quilt length from front to back. Longer arm machines can hold more fabric and larger quilt sizes in the arm space of the machine. How much fabric you can roll up in the armspace also depends on the thickness of your fabric and batting. Hope this helps. John Douthat, owner and tech.
Lavannia, West Virginia
Great company to buy from. I'm sure this won't be my last purchase from

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I was thrilled with the product and it came quickly!

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John Flynn,
In twenty-six years of quilting and twelve years of quilt frame manufacturing, I have found no other frame at any price that combines all the features and comfort of my Multi-Frame System. The main function of a quilt frame is to hold the part of the quilt you are working on together at the proper tension while it stores the rest of the quilt. I engineered the Multi-Frame to fulfill these functions in the simplest manner while allowing the greatest comfort to the user.The Flynn Multi-Frame is a simple, lightweight, three-rail scroll frame that can be held in your lap for hand quilting or used with your home sewing machine for no-baste machine quilting.The quilt is rolled up on rods - similar to the way museums store fine quilts to protect the fibers from damage.The tension adjustment is simple, accurate and foolproof. It adjusts easily to accommodate any stitch style or batting requirement.The Multi-Frame is very portable - take your quilting with you and stand it out of the way when you take a break. For hand quilting, the Multi-Frame and Stand can be adjusted to fit your most comfortable quilting chair.The Multi-Frame is very simple to use. Please take a look at these excerpts from the instructions manual. They will answer a lot of your questions about the new Flynn Multi-Frame System.

I have not had a chance to use the quilt frame yet. However the quality and price was great. I am so glad I found your site it saves me time and money.