*Only Available as a Recommended Accessory with purchase of Reliable J420, J450A or J490A Iron. Does not meet vendor minimum order requirements for separate order & shipment.

Professional Ironing Shoe
Our ironing shoes are made from heavy-duty aluminum with .6 mm PTFE, and are riveted for extra strength. A felt insert ensures a snug fit. The shoe provides a layer of insulation between the irons soleplate, and the fabric.

Prevents Shine
A Reliable ironing shoe reduces the temperature on the fabric, ensuring a proper finish to the material, and eliminating the risk of shine. The smooth PTFE allows the iron to glide over the fabric, making ironing easier.

  • Fits J420, J450A and J490A iron station models
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icon Perfect Fit
Our iron shoes are made to fit Reliable irons perfectly, with a secure and snug fit.

icon .6mm Thickness
Reliable brand ironing shoes use an industry best .6 mm PTFE to ensure long life and to create an effective heat barrier.