From the award winning Swedish designer Björn Dahlström comes the impressive Krups KM611D50 Precision drip coffee maker. Commissioned exclusively by Krups, Dahlström crafted the KM611D50 to be a simple, yet capable coffee maker with a classic Swedish design. The Krups KM611D50 takes coffee brewing to a new level with its oversized shower head for improved aroma extraction and up to 12 cups. The easy access control panel features intuitive operation and a high contrast LCD screen. For you coffee lovers who get to sleep in on weekends, the Krups KM611D50 lets you program 2 separate auto-on times, and the warming plate will keep your coffee hot for your choice of 1, 2, or 3 hours. Most importantly, Dahlstrom designed the Krups KM611D50 to be as durable as it is handsome. The brushed stainless steel body resists corrosion, and the soft-opening lid and large release button are just a couple of the most obvious signs of quality. 2 Year Warranty. Krups item number KM611D50.

This brushed stainless steel 12-cup programmable coffeemaker features Duo Filter water filtration that removes unwanted flavors from your water and promotes long life and great taste.

Other features include:
  • easy-to-use intuitive controls
  • LCD screen with high-contrast black on white display
  • aroma selection for small batches
  • auto-lift brew basket
  • glass carafe

    Innovative Swedish Design by award winning Swedish designer Björn Dahlström

    The Krups KM611D50 is just one of a range of high performance coffee machines from Krups and award winning Swedish designer Björn Dahlström. This new design includes a generous use of stainless steel, and easy to use control panel, conveniently angled forward for improved ergonomics and better visibility, and a number of other accents that make the Krups KM611D50 stand out from other coffee makers in its class.

    Dual Programmable Brewing: The Krups KM611D50 is pleasantly very easy to use considering the expanded functionality it offers. Most impressive is the ability to program the KM611D50 to automatically brew at 2 different times. Set it for the desired weekday/weekend time or even morning/evening. The wide dispersion brew head promotes even saturation of coffee grounds for maximum extraction of flavor. When brewing smaller pots, press the Aroma button to slow down the brewing process and avoid those watery pots of coffee. For your convenience, you can also set the Krups KM611D50 to automatically shut off the hot plate 1, 2, or 3 hours after brewing is complete.

    Water Filtration: Included with the Krups KM611D50 is the Krups Duo Filter system. This replaceable filter is a combination of both charcoal and resin which means that it removes chlorine, impurities, and water hardness-causing minerals. So not only will your water, and thus coffee, taste better, but the Krups Duo Filter will also protect your KM611D50 from damaging limescale build-up.

    Added Conveniences: Benefiting from its Swedish design, the Krups KM611D50 is abound with features to make your life easier. The large lid on top is easy to operate and is spring loaded to open slowly. In addition, the large release button is built for durability. The Pause and Serve valve allows you to remove the 12-cup (60 ounce) glass carafe to pour a cup or two while the KM611D50 is still brewing. A color-changing water level gauge makes it easy to fill the Krups KM611D50 using any container. And the integrated cord storage allows you to neatly stow away the KM611D50.

    Easy to Clean: The Krups KM611D50 features an auto-lift brew basket for quick removal of paper filters or optional gold-tone filters. The non-stick hot plate, once it cools, cleans with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.
  • US Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Duo Filter System, Glass Carafe, Warming Plate

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