With incredible Belgian taste and the same quality of Sephra's Premium Fondue Chocolate, Sephra's Belgian Chocolate by Callebaut boasts the intensely rich chocolate flavor and aroma that makes Belgian chocolate the most sought after chocolate in the world. 100% pure, this special recipe made by Callebaut does not require the addition of thinning agents or oil. Deliciously rich and sweet, Sephra’s Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate is the perfect chocolate for anyone with a “sweet tooth”.

  • Imported from Belgium
  • Special chocolate fountain recipe
  • No extra ingredients needed
  • Can use food dye to create colored chocolate for special occasions
  • Available in 4lb box or 20lb case of chocolate callets (chips)
  • 20lb case contains ten (10) 2 lb. bags
  • Made Specially for Chocolate Fountains
  • Kosher Dairy (OK Kosher Certified)
  • Pure Fondue Chocolate
  • Comes in Chips - Not Block
  • Available in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate