• Box of 100 Needles
  • Size 130 705H A100
  • Prevents Skipped Stitches
  • Prevents damage to knit fabrics which could cause holes or runs. Its rounded point slips between
    the fibers rather than cutting them.

    Needle Selection Guide
    Needle Comparison Chart
Other Images

icon Schmetz color coded needles.

icon What's the Difference Between a SCHMETZ Stretch Needle and a Jersey Needle? ~A Stretch Needle has a shorter and narrower eye compared to a Jersey needle. ~The Stretch Needle scarf (that little indentation on the back side of the needle above the eye) is deeper. ~Both needles have a medium ballpoint. Use the SCHMETZ Stretch needle on elastic or highly elastic fabrics. Start with a Stretch Needle if the fabric blend includes or Spandex. If the stitch quality is not to your liking, then switch to the Jersey with elongated eye.

The Organ ELx705 (Organ SY2922/2022) is automatically a Ball Point and Organs standard Ball Point is SUK (Medium Ball Point). In this case this is the only Ball Point that Organ makes. As a general rule if an Organ needle shows BP on the label/chip/box with no other designation then it is a SUK Ball Point. Any other Ball Point that is not SUK would be labeled SES(Thin Ball Point), SKU(Heavy Ball Point) etc. As I’m sure you know SUK is a Medium Ball Point and SES is a Thin Ball Point