The Airpura V600
Traps specific airborne chemicals - VOCs - with enhanced, impregnated, activated carbon as well as particles with its true HEPA filter

Modern interiors release harmful chemicals
Formaldehyde from furniture, carpets Ammonias from cleaning materials Pesticides tracked in from outdoors Benezene, toulene from heating fuels, paints and glues

Airborne chemicals in work areas
Work areas are often contaminated by chemicals released by manufacturing processes and office equipment.The resulting symptoms which may include headaches, drowsiness, rhinitis, other respiratory problems and the possible onset of cancers

A good investment
An enhanced chemical filtering system is a good investment to prevent the personal distress and productivity losses that may result

Ask our air qualify experts
Airpura can recommend specially blended carbons to deal with your specific airborne chemical problem. Solutions for over 4000 chemicals are available.

Effective for up to 2000 square feet
Recycles the air appoximately every 30 minutes

  • For specific airborne chemicals including VOCs such as formaldyde, ammonias
  • Over 4000 chemicals can be addressed (see technical information for details)
  • Effective for up to 2000 sq ft
  • 22" high, 15" wide
  • 18lbs Enhanced impregnated carbon
  • 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface

    Ships Ground Only, no Express Services Available
  • US Warranty Limited Warranty 5 years parts 10 years labor
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

Odors, airborne chemical control:
18 lbs activated carbon 13" x 13" x 9"

Carbon bed:
2" deep x 570 sq" surface

Particle removal:
40 sq ft true HEPA (Measured 1 side only) 10 pleats per inch, Pleats warmed rolled with separator

Air Flow 560 cfm:
More cfm than any other home unit available

570 sq in x 1in deep

23" x 15"

45 lbs total

Voltage Options:
115 or 220 volts

120 on high, 40 on low

Sound Level:
28.1 db on low (at 6 feet) 62.3 db on high (560 cfm) (Room Level 25.1)

ETL Certified:
Conforms to CSA C22.2 no 113 ANSI/UL 507