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INCLUDED: Organ 135x5 Needles 100 Interchangable with Singer 20u 1901 1955 135x7

The Techsew 810-2 sews light to medium-heavy weight materials such as leather, vinyl, synthetics, canvas and various coated and laminated products. The Techsew 810 is a bottom feed machine and the roller foot acts as a guide and compresses the material being sewn.

Designed for stitching such products as stitching and repairing shoes, wallets, belts, purses, and any other light to medium leatherwork. Will easily sew canvas, vinly, denim and other similar products.

2 needle machine for double stitches- can also be used as 1 needle
NEW 600W Digital Energy Efficient Techsew SmartServo Motor - the most powerful and versatile motor on the market
Heavy duty rollerfoot mechanism - great for sewing along the edges and for multi-layered materials
High rollerfoot clearance - plenty of space to fit bulky and multi-layered materials beneath the roller foot
Reverse feed to reinforce stitches
LED Stitch Light illuminates your stitches in low lighting areas
  • US Warranty 6 month manufacturer warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Sewing Capacity: 5/16" (20oz)
Roller foot clearance: 3/8"
Post-bed height: 7"
Stitch length adjustment 5-25 Stitches per Inch (1-5mm)
Needles: 135x5 #11-21
Thread Sizes: #23 to #92
Techsew SmartServo Motor: 110V, 600W, 0 to 1800RPM, bright digital LED display