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INCLUDED: Organ LWx6T 29-34 Curve Flat Shank 50 Blindstitch Needles in 6 Sizes

*Bonus Extra! $60 ÜberLight LED Lamp Light with Clamp, Includes $260 Reliable SewQuiet SQ5000P Automatic Needle Positioner DC Servomotor, High torque Clutchless Electronic Variable Speed Motor Installed.

The 7100SB (MSK755) industrial blindstitch sewing machine with skip-stitch function is easy to use and is ideal for garment manufacturer's, drapery workrooms and alteration shops.

Compare to Heavy Duty presser foot assembly parts and fittings for MSK-755H blind hem drapery model that are heavier then the fittings of the 7100SB (MSK755) to be able to hem heavier drapery fabrics with blackout lining.

The skip stitch feature with 1:1 - 2:1 dial is essential for sewing lightweight fabric such as sheers.

The MSK-755 is also equipped with a dial to adjust the needle penetration from light to heavier weight material.

  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Model: 7100SB (MSK755)
  • Maximum sewing speed :2,500 rpm
  • Stitch length : 0-8 mm
  • Cylinder diameter : 58 mm
  • Pressure foot lift : By knee 8 mm
  • Needle system : # 29BL (LW6T)
  • Lubrication : Manual
  • Skip stitch function : 1:1 - 2:1 true skip stitch
  • Dimensions - head : 17” x 19” x 13”
  • Weight - net : 45 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions : 40” x 50” x 14”
  • Shipping weight : 200 lbs
  • Warranty : RELIABLE™ 1 Year Warranty

    SewQuiet 6000SM Servomotor. From the utmost in speed control technology and the ability to reduce costs with improved energy usage, to the 'oh, sew quiet' work environment, choosing the Reliable SewQuiet 6000SM is simply the smarter choice. 12-coil technology means more torque and variable speed control will suit all operator levels.

    Please review our Freight LTL Shipping Policies Ships Ground Freight only.* For delivery please select options. "Lift Gate" which means a goods lifting platform installed at the rear of the delivery truck that facilitates the unloading of cargo from truck bed to the ground. Most shipments will require a lift gate, if their is not a loading dock, or fork lift available for delivery.
Included Accessories
  • Instruction manual
  • Needles
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icon NEEDLE EYE GUARD To protect your eyes, the MSK-755H is equipped with a clear plastic eye guard.

icon PLUNGER DROP The solid frame construction on the MSK-755H (as compared to a frame drop type machine) ensures less vibration, and ultimately a better quality stitch than frame drop machines.

icon ADJUSTABLE STITCH PENETRATION The adjustable stitch penetration dial allows the user to modify the depth of the needle penetration, ensuring that the stitch does not show on the outside of the fabric.

icon SUPERIOR STAND Others skimp on the stand components, we don’t. We use only 100% plywood in our tabletops (not cheap particle board) and our K-legs are made from heavy-duty 3/32" steel.

icon SEWQUIET 5000P NEEDLE POSITIONING SERVOMOTOR THE MAGIC OF NEEDLE POSITIONING The needle positioner allows for greater efficiency by reducing movement to the handwheel for a wide variety of sewing machines including long arm machines and blindstitch machines. With the SewQuiet 5000P, the needle will automatically position with the needle down. To remove the fabric, the sewer will not need to turn the handwheel to manually position the needle up. Heeling down on the treadle will do this automatically. The motor can also be programmed to stop with the needle up, but to prevent shifting it's better to have it position with the needle down and use the treadle to position up for removal of the fabric.

icon BONUS - FREE LED UBERLIGHT The perfect add on light ($100.00 retail value) is included at no extra charge for the MSK-755H, making it both a great blindstitch machine and a great value.

Re: Single Thread Portable or Power Stand BlindStitch Hemming Machines:
When I pull the stitching out, several stitches unravel along with it. Is there a way to tack the stitches to prevent unraveling?
Jenna, there are several ways of securing a blind hem stitch at the end of a seam. The easiest way is to sew over and beyond the end of a seam, especially if hemming a tubular item like pants. When you sew over previous stitching it helps to lock the stitches in.
Before you remove fabric from the end of the machine feeder, turn the hand wheel clockwise to swing the needle all the way to the left position in the needle channel which will help secure the thread and stitch in place. Then quickly pull or jerk the fabric hem from behind the feeder which will break the thread and tie off the chain stitch so that it will not continue to unravel. It takes some practice because you may have to use the knee lever or hand wheel to position or release the fabric if it is not already at the end of the feeder.
You can also turn the hand wheel counterclockwise at the end of the seam (like reverse stitching but no formation) just to hide the end stitches, or you can manually weave the unraveled thread back into the chainstitch with a seaming needle.