The SINGER 14CG754 is a time saving innovation that provides professional seams, seam finishes, and creative stitch capabilities.

This overlock sews at 1300 stitches-per-minute, trimming and overcasting the raw edges at the same time for quality seam finishes. The CG754 is not limited to just seams and seam finishes - enjoy sewing one-of-kind creations with the special effects of decorative stitching, such as Flatlocking and Rolled Hemming. The overlock works side by side with your conventional sewing.

  • Commercial Grade Warranty & 30-Day Money-back guarantee: With the 25-year limited warranty including 25 years on parts, 5 years on electronics and 1 year on labor it is easy to see why SINGER® is the consumer’s choice. More people own SINGER® machines than all other brands combined.

  • Differential Feed: Fully adjustable to ensure an even feed for perfect seams on every fabric-no breaking or puckering. It is also useful for keeping stretch fabrics and bias cut fabrics from becoming stretched out.
  • Adjustable Cutting Width: A moveable upper knife cuts fabric for 3.0-6.7 mm stitch width. It is easy to make precise adjustments for the desired seam width.
  • Stitch Length Dial: The Stitch Length dial is conveniently located on the side of the machine and can easily be changed to personalize the length of the stitch for all the sewing projects.
  • Color-Coded Lay-In Thread Tension: With complete, easy-to-read diagrams, this feature makes threading your overlock a snap. Just follow the color-coded diagram on the machine for effortless threading.
  • Free Arm Sewing: Remove the cloth plate to achieve access to hard to reach areas such as armholes and trouser cuffs.
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter: There are 2 heights to the presser foot lifter. The second height offers extra clearance, which is needed when placing multiple layers of bulky fabric under the presser foot.
  • Presser Foot Pressure: The Presser Foot Pressure dial is conveniently located on the top of the machine and is pre-set for most sewing needs.
  • Tension Release: Raising the Presser Bar Lifter releases tension on the threads, allowing for threads to easily be pulled through the threading system.
  • Built-In Rolled Hem: Switching to the rolled hem sewing mode is effortless. An easy access lever moves the stitch finger in position for rolled hemming.
  • Electronic Speed Control: Guarantees consistent sewing speed with no jump starts.
  • 1,300 Stitches-Per-Minute: Sews up to 1,300 titches per minute—a real time-saver.
  • Portable: The overlock has a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to transport the machine.
  • Six Optional Snap-On Presser Feet Accessories: The Elastic Foot, Shirring Foot, Beading Foot, Taping Foot, Cording Foot, and the Blind Hem Foot ensure ease when performing a variety of popular sewing techniques. All of these feet snap-on, making it trouble-free to change to a new sewing application.

    Key Features
  • 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Modern European Design
  • Differential Feed
  • Built-in Rolled Hem Plate
  • 1,300 Stitches Per Minute
  • 25/5/1 Limited Commercial and Household Warranty
  • Sold exclusively through Sewing Specialty Retailers
  • Consumer's Choice- More consumers own SINGER sewing machines than all other brands combined.

  • Manufacturer's US warranty 25 Years mechanical, 2 years electrical, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: To view the warranty for this combo, please view specific warranty information on the individual product pages.
4-3-2 Stitch Configuration 6 different stitch types ensure the perfect stitch, regardless of the project. Blind Hems, Rolled Hems, Pintucking, Flatlocking, finishing raw edges and joining seams.
Four-Thread Stretch Mock Safety Stitch This stitch is a favorite when sewing knit fabrics because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches. This allows for neat and professional finishes that will not
“pop” when the fabric is stretched.
Three-Thread Overlock Stitch This Three-Thread overlock stitch provides a wonderful professional seam finish to woven fabrics. It is beneficial in preventing loosely woven fabrics from unraveling, and it offers decorative capabilities.
Three-Thread Wrapped Edge An ideal finish for medium to lightweight fabrics. When using the Three-Thread Wrapped Edge stitch, the edges of the seams are wrapped to prevent unraveling without unnecessary bulkiness.
Three-Thread Rolled Hem By simply moving the stitch finger dial, the overlock is converted to the rolled hem sewing mode. Beautiful Three-Thread rolled hems can be created to add an attractive finish to table linens, scarves and much more.
Three-Thread Flatlock Stitch For true decorative flair on any project use the Flatlock stitch. Special decorative threads can be used to add texture and a dramatic embellishment
Two-Thread Wrapped Edge An elegant fine finish can be added to lightweight fabrics or knits. This delicate finish gives a couture effect and looks beautiful on finer fabrics.
Two-Thread Rolled Hem By simply moving the stitch finger dial, the overlock is converted to the rolled hem sewing mode. Beautiful Two-Thread rolled hems can be rcreeated to add an attractive finish to lightweight or sheer fabrics such as delicate chiffons, laces, organza and much more.
Two-Thread Flatlock Stitch Use only Two-Threads to create a delicate Flatlock stitch, ideal for pintucks or for lace insertion on heirloom projects.

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Included Accessories
  • Standard Snap-on Presser Foot
  • 5 Needle Package Set
  • Small Screw Driver for inserting needles
  • Tweezers for threading loopers and needles
  • Spreader for changing to 2 thread flatlock stitch
  • Electronic Foot Control and Cords
  • Operating Manual Instruction Book
  • Warranty Documentation
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