• AlphaSizer MAX is a lettering & sizing program featuring keyboard lettering, height & width adjustment, bridging, ballooning, lettering on an arc, density control, & more, height & width adjustment, bridging, ballooning, lettering on an arc, density control, vertical & horizontal line spacing and much more! AlphaSizer MAX also includes the full DakotaSizer program functions allowing you to manipulate your non-alphabet designs (see description of DakotaSizer below). As an added bonus, AlphaSizer MAX is packaged with 14 Alphabets and 75 FREE designs!(Different than the free designs in DakotaSizer and AlphaSizer 2nd Edition). Dakota AlphaSizer MAX is not intended as an upgrade to previously released AlphaSizer programs.

  • Main Features
    • NEW Custom Baseline for Lettering
    • Individual Letter Control
    • Line Stitch Order Options
    • Letter Stitch Order Options: Stitch Center Out for Caps!
    • Keyboard Lettering
    • Lettering Height/Width Adjustment
    • Transform Lettering
    • Bridging, Ballooning, Pennant, Squeezing
    • Lettering on an Arc
    • Lettering Density Control
    • Choice of Underlays
    • Letter Kerning
    • Vertical & Horizontal Line Spacing
    • Color Change Between Letters
    • Includes all the capabilities of the DakotaSizer Program
    • 75 FREE Dakota Designs included!
    • 14 FREE Fonts included

    Dakota Alphasizer MAX Tutorial (PDF)

    View Examples of Lettering Features!

    View the 14 FREE Fonts! (PDF)

    View 75 Free Designs!

    View All 149 Available Fonts! (PDF)

    View the newest fonts released!
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Resize, rotate, transform, mirror
  • Combine multiple designs
  • Open & save major commercial & home formats
  • 3D view
  • Multiple grid features
  • Unique color palette
  • Thread charts of major thread manufacturers
  • Customizable thread charts
  • Automatic thread chart matching
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Keyboard lettering
  • Lettering height/width adjustment
  • Transform lettering
  • Bridging, ballooning, pennant, squeezing
  • Lettering on an arc
  • Lettering density control
  • Choice of underlays
  • Letter kerning
  • Vertical & horizontal line spacing
  • Color change between letters
  • Complete online HELP system
  • 50 Dakota Collectibles designs included!
  • 7 FREE fonts
  • System requirements: Windows® 98/Millennium/NT4.0/2000 • Pentium® 200 MHz or better with 32 MB RAM or better • SVGA video (1024 x 768 high color) • CD ROM

    Custom Baseline for Lettering
    Individual Letter Control
    Letter Stitch Order Options
    Keyboard Lettering Height and Width Adjustment
    Lettering Density Control
    Auto and Manual Letter Kerning
    Lettering Line Type Setting Transformation: Bridge, Balloon, Pennant, Squeeze
    On-Screen Design Sizing Capabilities
    Resize, Rotate, Transform, Mirror, and Combine Multipl Designs