Perfect for sewing, crafts, reading, travel and more. Features extra wide beam from 6 LEDs, includes magnifiers for detail work, as well as a lanyard to keep both hands free.

For Personal Light Anywhere, that won't disturb others. This hands free light delivers versatility and features unmatched by other portable lights: extra wide & bright light from 6 LEDs, longer battery life, 2 clip-on filters, clip on magnifier, and optional AC & DC power adapters.

Read Everything: It's a true reading light that works with all Kindles and other eReaders, printed books, PLUS newspapers, loose documents, maps and other material that can't support a clip-on book light. Worn around the neck, it shines a cool & steady light for reading, quilting, knitting, all needlework & crafts, and searching a dark basement. Use it for writing journals, working, camping, and changing diapers at night. The extra bright light is helpful for those with aging eyes. The long battery life is especially valuable during a power outage and when traveling. No wonder one reviewer called it the "best Amazon Kindle reading light" and also "by far the best personal reading light we have come across". Other critics rave as well. The BNR LED 6-3 features 6 bright energy saving LEDs in a row for an extra wide but still personal light and a switch that lets you light just 3 LEDs. 4 standard alkaline AA batteries (not included) will last at full brightness for 50 hours using all 6 LEDs or 100 hours when using 3 LEDs.

Kit includes 2 clip-on filters: red to help maintain night vision; amber for a softer light and to reduce blue light. Also 1 large 4x5 inch lightweight acrylic clip-on Fresnel magnifier. The magnifier is a useful accessory for short periods of detail work for those with normal vision and is not a low vision aid. Optional AC and vehicle DC power adapters also available.
  • Shines wide and bright, hands free light directly on workspace / personal space
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, provides a personal task light anywhere, anytime
  • Energy Efficient: Extra long battery life saves money and the environment
  • One light works with all eReaders: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc.
  • Unique accessories include clip on filters and clip on magnifiers
  • Versatile and useful for many tasks at home and during travel

    Beam N Read - For Personal Light Anywhere

    Extra wide & bright personal light from 6 LEDs that do not burn out
    Useful for needlework and other craft work
    Back panel slides open to install 4 standard AA batteries (not included) that last 50 hours using 6 LEDs, 100 hours using 3 LEDs
    2 clip-on filters: Red for maintaining night vision, Orange for a softer light
    Large 4" x 5" Acrylic Fresnel Magnifier for detail work that attaches to light with adjustable clip-on hinge in either vertical or horizontal position