West Cal Event Center in Sulphur LA. • 2900 Ruth St, Sulphur, LA 70665


Friday, March 10, 2017 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Doors Open at 8:00AM Each Morning

The Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party! A party atmosphere filled with embroidery techniques and more!

The Anita Goodesign 2017 Embroidery Party! Spring into an Anita Goodesign party and awaken your creativity! You are sure to love the fun and surprises that come along with our new Embroidery Party format! No class will ever be the same, so it is a sparkling new experience every time! We come prepared to teach 16 exciting projects! Through team sewing, attendees will get to vote which projects are sewn in class with 7 projects being done in our 2-day class.

But have no fear, each attendee will receive multiple designs of all 16 projects on their CD to take home along with a beautiful full-color tutorial book explaining each project step-by-step. It’s a fun environment that encourages learning and the gathering of friends, both old and new! We’ll get the party groovin’ with snacks, music, and contests!

Spend some quality stitching time with fellow embroiderers and make new friends as you teach and learn from each other! Plus, you’ll be the first to see sneak peeks of upcoming collections! Get excited, because with our game show theme, every single attendee has a chance to play and win big!

If you’ve ever been to an Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party before, this party is unlike anything you’ve seen before! We’re sure you’re going to love the games, projects, and exciting surprises we have in store!
What’s your final answer? Don’t miss out on your chance to vote, learn, stitch, and win! See your dealer to sign up for our Embroidery Party today!

This is the best offer that Anita Goodesign has EVER offered at any event! You will review and complete projects from all 3 books at the show. All materials, including embroidery machines, designs, etc., will be provided. We'll have plenty of specials, door prizes and giveaways.

See the latest embroidery releases and learn the latest techniques in embroidery while you work on all-new hands-on embroidery projects! No matter your skill or experience level, you will absolutely enjoy these two fun-filled days of embroidery education! Not only that, we will have Brother National Educators Coleen Swettman, Kim Montagnese and Barb Mikolajczyk there to help answer any questions you might have about embroidery or about any Brother Embroidery machine. This is a great way to "try out" embroidery to see if it's for you! All projects are created in a team environment, so you will feel comfortable learning and sharing in a party atmosphere! All materials, including embroidery machines, designs, etc., will be provided. We'll have plenty of specials, door prizes and giveaways.

Embroidery Party Educator

  • Two-day team sewing event with complimentary lunches, refreshments and supplies
  • All skill levels accommodated—from novice to seasoned embroiderer
  • Lectures, embroidery projects, and team environments to provide fun for all
  • Learn firsthand the proper embroidery tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Popular Brother™ instructors available for guidance and technique
  • Each member in a group takes home completed projects with instructions/designs on CD
  • Over 100 Anita Goodesign finished embroidery/in the hoop quilting samples to be shown
  • Party atmosphere includes plenty of specials, door prizes, give-aways

It’s our chance to get out there to teach our customers cutting-edge techniques that make embroidery fun and easy! So, we develop 4 brand new and totally different classes throughout the year, and then our team of highly qualified Educators travel to different cities teaching from our proven curriculum.

At an Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party, you will learn new techniques, master ones you’ve seen before, and learn how to apply them to different collections and projects. Be one of the first to see sneak peeks of upcoming releases and walk away with finished projects, lots of new design collections, free gifts just for attending, and maybe even some prizes!

This is the BEST sewing and embroidery event of the year!
We take great pride in all of the design collections we produce here every single day. But, what sets us apart, and what adds so much value to our collections, is our dedication to provide our customers an unmatched embroidery education. We are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to achieve one-of-a-kind home embroidery designs and projects. But, there wouldn’t be any point in creating these designs if we weren’t going to show you exactly how to do them. We have entire teams dedicated to creating our step-by-step tutorials, developing our educational materials and methods, and sharing all of this knowledge with you at our Embroidery Parties. All of this is so you can enjoy beautiful, hand-made-by-you embroidery designs every day.

This popular event fill will quickly, so sign up today!

Embroidery Party Highlights

  • Each Student will take home 3 completed projects
  • Embroidery on Brand new top of the line Embroidery Machines that are provided for you
  • Team Sewing with two people per Machine
  • Action Packed 2 days of embroidery, friendship and fun
  • Plenty of room to move around in our Giant 15,000 sq ft class room
  • Truly hands on instruction for 2 days
  • Brother National Educators on site to help
  • 6 hours of sewing and projects each day
  • Snacks and Lunch provided
  • Vendor Mall for Retail Shopping on-site
  • Test Drive top of the line Embroidery Machines
  • Plenty of staff to give one on one help
  • Give-a-ways and prizes
  • Receive a Party Pack including a CD with all 16 possible projects along with a printed tutorial for each
  • Free Event T-Shirt
  • Free 8GB USB Stick
  • Free AllBrands.com Bag
  • Free AllBrands.com Umbrella
  • Free AllBrands.com Pad & Pen Set
  • Free AllBrands.com Drink Tumbler

    For more information about Anita Goodesign™:

    Official website: www.anitagoodesignonline.com

    Official Facebook Page: Anita Goodesign

    Check Out The Video Highlights From Our Past Events

Other Images

icon Coleen Swettman: Coleen got her first sewing machine at age 11 and has been stitching ever since. She has experience with a large variety of sewing projects including; tailored suits, prom dresses, home dec items and dozens of quilts. She has also made custom draperies to complete the décor for many homes. In the mid 1990’s Coleen become fascinated with machine embroidery. It was love at first sight. She loves every aspect of embroidery from digitizing to seeing the design stitched out on the finished item. Coleen started with the earliest version of embroidery software and enjoys the many new advanced features and ease of use that are available in software today. If an item can be embroidered – she’s probably embroidered on it. It is a thrill for Coleen to see the excitement when a student experiences the thrill of learning a new sewing or embroidery skill.

icon Barbara Mikolajczyk: It was obvious at an early age, Barb would sew and teach. She won her 1st sewing award at age 12 while directing theatrical shows in the neighborhood. In College she landed a job, working in the costume department. The rest is history which includes 40 years of experience and memories in the Theatre and Home Decor areas. During her career in education, Barb was the chairman of a Fine Arts Department. She found herself drawn to the set design and costuming areas. After leaving education she started her own business in Interior Design. Barb started sewing and embroidering for her Grandchildren and fell in love with all the Brother Brand sewing machines. Now Barb is a National renowned Educator for Brother Sewing Machines. Barb says she is blessed, to have the opportunity to combine my love of teaching and sewing as an Educator for Brother.

icon Kim Montagnese: Kim began playing with fabric and sneaking the use of her mom's "forbidden" sewing machine in the early 70s. Long before great fabric or creative classes were available, Kim was forced to make it up as she went along. She came to love the look of hand appliqué, but lacked the patience. Fortunately, a series of mistakes led to the method she uses today. Students love the "no curved piecing"," inside out" and "quilts that keep on giving" concept of quilting. Kim loves the AHHA! moment students experience and has felt privileged to share the fun for the past 20 years. Kim's quilts have won many awards throughout Ohio, been displayed at the Denver International Airport as well as private collections across the country and also featured in Art Quilt Calendar. She is a member of Lorain County Piecemakers, Studio Art Quilters Association and Firelands Association for the Visual Arts, Quilt Alliance. Current new projects include becoming a certified Zentangle® Teacher

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