Struggling to keep your chart/pattern and those essential art & craft materials in a fixed position? Needing the ability to keep both hands free and focused on the job? Here is one tool that not only eliminates these frustrating problems but is a wonderful versatile product. In time, you will wonder how you ever coped without it!

If you need both hands free, but need to check a pattern, design, text or photo as you work, then this is the ideal handy working companion. Clamp it to your table, frame, drawing board or work surface and angle it to the perfect viewing position.

Portable and flexible, the Double Flexi-Clamp is the perfect assistant to help you with those needlework, sewing, painting, quilting, scrapbooking and general hobby and craft projects. Just clip the Flexi-Clamp on to a table, embroidery frame, drawing board, workbench, lamp etc and with the second clamp, fix your materials in-place, leaving your hands free and focused on the task ahead.
In addition, the flexible arm can be adjusted to any position at any angle to suit your work.

So, if you need better functionality and some much needed help, you just might want to give this innovative tool a try....and here is a reminder as to why!

  • Clips on to a table, embroidery frame, drawing board, workbench, lamp etc!
  • Fully adjustable 18inch arm, giving total flexibility!
  • Strong, spring clamp opens to 2.4" allowing easy attachment onto most surfaces!
  • Allows your hands to be free & focused on your work!

    This is one of Daylight's StarMag™ range products. The Double FlexiClamp is ideal for keeping all your patterns and charts in view, completely hands-free and is ideal for all types of hobbies, crafting, paintings and detailed work. It has two very strong padded metal clamps; one end can be attached to tables or any flat surface and the other end to a pattern or chart etc. It provides a long reach 46cm/ 18” flexible arm which is adjustable to any position.

  • High quality double clamp
  • Keep all your patterns and charts in view - handsfree
  • Ideal for all types of hobbies and detailed work
  • Long 46cm/18" flexible arm for extra reach
  • Can be clamped onto any flat surface

  • US Warranty 12 months replacement on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Color: White
Arm length: 46cm (18 inches)
Daylight Company provides "true color" technology, comparable to Ott-Lites, at an affordable price!

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