The Reliable thermostat reset system!
• Protects your iron from heat damage when drained
• Automatically shuts down heating element when water level is low
• Simply refill the unit and push the new RESET button to resume!
• Newly standard on the i300, i500, i600, and i700 models from Reliable!

*The i300 boiler comes with the i30 iron connected directly to it (the solenoid valve is inside, not outside like our larger models) so it can not be changed to i60 iron

Gravity Feed irons are history! Why settle for non-pressurized steam, when you can have 35 psi pressurized steam with built-in boiler generator? 15 minute heat up to 2 hours steam.

WHY BUY AN i300?
The i300 is the perfect entry level ironing system for those looking for a compact, professional quality product. Using higher grade components including an all stainless steel outer shell, the i300 is the perfect choice for those looking for a robust, and simple ironing station package.

The i300 excels at producing quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing. It allows the fibers of the fabric to be softened quicker, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat. This creates the crisp and clean finish required by professionals.

The i300 ironing system uses our i30 iron. The i30 has become the industry standard in professional irons. It's lightweight (3.9 lbs), comfortable (cork handle) and uses the same high standard parts (thermal fuse, thermostat) that has made the i30 so widely used by fabric care professionals.

We understand that the quality of an ironing station is only as good (no matter how nice it looks) as what is inside it. This is why we use the best components available including 12-gauge wiring throughout and an all stainless steel steam tank to eliminate the chance of rust.

  • Low water light indicator - auto shut off for boiler only
  • Regular tap water
  • 35 p.s.i. operating pressure = DRY STEAM
  • 12-gauge heavy-duty wiring
  • Stainless steel tank and outer casing
  • Professional i30 steam iron
  • Up to 1.5 hours of continuous steam

    Reliable Warranty Information (.PDF)
  • US Warranty Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon i30 Iron

icon Low water light indicator

icon 12-gauge, heavy duty wiring

icon i30T Teflon shoe (optional)

Tricia, Virginia
I have had four gravity-fed irons for use in my business, but they do not compare with the Reliable i300!!! There are three private full-service bridal shop forums in which I participate and I have recommended other bridal shop owners check out not only the Reliable i300 but also check out www.allbrands.com for their sewing and pressing needs.

Angela E., Chandler, AZ
There was an issue with the zip code on my order matching my credit card address & it took numerous phone calls to clear it up. It would have been good if after everything was OK'd that a confirmation email or voicemail was sent.