This fantastic lamp comes with a 20w Daylight™ energy saving bulb (100w equiv.), a completely flexible head, and extendable arm to give you a 55cm reach (ideal for working with sewing machines and scrapbooking). Just like the floorstanding version, it comes with 3 clever accessories. Switch located on the head of the lamp. Have a look at the features below!

  • Stylish table lamp to match your home décor
  • Ideal for sewing, quilting and reading
  • Unique extendable arm for extra reach - 40cm (16")
  • 20W low heat daylight™ bulb, work in optimal comfort
  • The daylight™ technology reduces eye strain and glare
  • Mix and match your colours accurately
    Switch located on the head of the lamp (USA model only)

    Daylight™ colors
    Love the colors just the way they are! The Daylight™ technology not only reduces eye-strain; it gives you the best colour matching ever.

    Energy saving
    All Daylight™ bulbs and tubes use 80% less energy. When you work with your lamp, you reduce your electricity bill and do your bit for the planet.

    Removable magnifier
    This is what makes our lamps so special. Perfect harmony between light and magnification so you can see details and work in comfort. Another innovation from Daylight™.

    Daylight™ technology
    With full spectrum Daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! No headaches, no red-eyes, working under Daylight™ becomes as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.

    Removable chartholder
    You may not have 3 hands, but this lamp certainly does. With our chartholder, you can easily work and look at your pattern at the same time.

    Removable tray
    Organize your space with this unique craft tray and keep all your beads and bobs at hand. Then simply leave them in the tray between your projects.

  • US Warranty 12 months replacement on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Height: 60cm (23½ inches)
  • Weight: 6kg (13 lbs)
  • Arm length: 48cm (19 inches)
  • Lens diameter: 13cm (5 inches)
  • Lens magnification: 1.75x
  • Light: 20W (100W)
  • Switch located on the head of the lamp.
Included Accessories
  • Ultimate Table Top Lamp, antique
  • 20W energy saving daylight bulb
  • Instruction leaflet
  • 3 unique accessories included:
    1. Removable Craft tray – keeps everything conveniently to hand
    2. Removable Chart holder – keeps your designs in clear view
    3. Removable Magnifier – 1.75X magnification for all your close-up work

Daylight Company provides "true color" technology, comparable to Ott-Lites, at an affordable price!

Daylight Bulb Compatibility Chart(.PDF)
Stacey, New Jersey
This item was offered through AllBrands at the best price I was able to find. I was thrilled that you offered it at such a value. I did not recieve a shipment notification, but the item was shipped within a few days, and I couldn't have been happier with the service overall. Thank you!

Sandra, Massachusetts
Love the was exactly what I was looking for and very robust!

Lela, North Carolina
I've looked for a year for the lamp we purchased from you and was thrilled to find it. Your selection is great. Even better are your prices - really amazing. I'll be shopping with you again.

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