• For use with the XL150 and the XL1000

    AMAZING BOX For Windows 7 and Vista updates, download from
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
Edward, Indiana
I want to thank your company for kindly handling a potentially bad situation. Your customer service department handled my problem with great care, and a wonderful solution was reached. I previously purchased another box, that is absolute JUNK and misrepresented by the manufacturer! The software is terrible and their product support is beyond unacceptable. Your company helped me to return it and allowed me to purchase the Amazing Box Max in exchange. I am confident that if I had purchased the MB from anybody else, I would have been stuck with a worthless device. Instead, I was treated as a valuable customer with a satisfactory resolution. Thanks. I will definitely purchase from AllBrands again, and I will gladly recommend you to others. Thanks.

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