Are you ready to go beyond the built-in designs on your Elna embroidery machine? Do you prefer to digitize your own designs? Xpressive II software is professional quality software specially created for you and includes many favorites of the professional digitizer. It's a complete package – resize, reformat, refine. Create and digitize your own designs or access designs from other sources. Just getting started? The Autodigitizer Wizard and Cross-Stitch Wizard are your keys to simple, direct digitizing with beautiful, professional-looking results. And there’s more – TrueType® fonts, automatic appliqués, auto-trace, programmed fills and runs, stitch count recalculated when resizing, 3D stitch image for a realistic preview. Arc, realign, envelope lettering. Imagine the possibilities!

Here are just some of the tantalizing features you'll find in Xpressive II:

Autodigitizer Wizard
Begin with a colored image and let the wizard guide you through the digitizing process. Add, change or delete colors, adapt height and width, flip design, rotate design, and finally, decide whether you want to stitch the background color or not. At any point, go back and make changes. Click Finish and you're done. What could be easier?

Cross-Stitch Wizard
Transform complicated colored images into beautiful cross-stitch in no time! You'll find the same great features as in autodigitizing, with the added bonus of being able to correct your design stitch by stitch with the EDIT function and Microsoft Paint®. And of course, you can select the size of your cross-stitch, too!

Color Reduction
Sometimes scanned images contain many shades of the same color. To achieve better results, either delete some of the shades or increase the color tolerance. Xpressive II then recognizes various shades of a color to be just one color. Saves on all those thread changes!

You'll be impressed with the way Xpressive II recognizes the width of individual letters and calculates the distance letters should be spaced. Uppercase and lowercase letters flow together just the way you want them.

And since you can edit each character individually, you can be as creative as you'd like with your text. Rotate and skew individual characters in a text segment. Move individual characters above and below the baseline. Consider the possibilities!

TrueType® Fonts in Satin
Have you ever noticed how many interesting Windows TrueType fonts you have installed on your computer? Now these, too, can be embroidered, not only with fill stitches, but also with satin stitches! Have fun and discover the endless lettering possibilities available for all occasions.

Screen Calibration
The screen calibration tool lets you enter the correct dimensions of your screen so that you'll see a true 1:1 representation of your design onscreen. This ensures there will be no surprises when it is time to sew.

Carved Tile (embossed) Patterns and Programmed Fill Runs
Xpressive II offers so much more than the traditional fill or straight stitch outline. For unique fills, select from a wide range of carved tile patterns. Even outlining takes on a whole new character with the great variety of programmed fill runs available.

Using autotrace is as easy as pointing and clicking. Select a punching tool and activate the autotrace function. Just click on a section and the autotrace quickly recognizes the boundaries of that section. No need to manually outline each and every section - it's that easy!

Sequence View
You've completed your design – now you'd like to make some changes. The Sequence View shows you a list of all segments in the design and allows you to do the following:

-Resequence design segments by dragging and dropping them into a new location
-View key design information for every segment
- Hide/show individual segments
-Lock segments to prevent editing
-Access segment properties for any segment

Manually trace several intersecting lines within your design – the branching function will recognize them as one part instead of separate parts. Xpressive II will automatically calculate the best starting point and sewing route for the needle to follow. What a wonderful time saver!

Automatic Appliqué
Do you love appliqué designs? Simply trace the outline of your appliqué and let Xpressive II use its foolproof, 3-step automated process to do the rest. The results are impressive - perfect appliqués in no time.

Security through Serial Number Authentication
Some software programs use an external device (dongle) to access their program – something more to carry and keep track of. With the purchase of your Xpressive II, you'll receive a serial number which can be activated via the internet or through your local distributor. And if you use more than one computer (perhaps you travel with a laptop computer), you can easily transfer the license as you need.

Draw Ribbon
Watch a realistic sew-out of your design. Use the slider bar to start the sew-out from any stitch or color change in the design, sewing forwards or backwards. Easily control the speed of the sew-out. For an even more realistic sew-out, select the 3D mode.

And, yes, there's even more!

  • Create new designs directly from pictures or scanned images, with the number of colors you choose
  • Extensive choice of manual punching tools
  • Set start and stop points
  • Enter, edit and fully manipulate text
  • 90+ embroidery fonts
  • Open existing designs from most home formats for editing or re-digitizing
  • Save and convert original and edited designs into most home formats
  • Editing can be done to single stitches or stitch groups
  • Vertex editing
  • Change colors within a design
  • Resize, rotate, and reflect designs while maintaining constant stitch density
  • Copy and paste blocks of stitches
  • Change fill pattern types and direction
  • Merge parts of different designs to create new ones
  • Multiple zoom functions
  • Underlay – Contour and perpendicular
  • Thread chart dialog corresponds to most major thread companies’ colors
  • Customize thread color charts to correspond to the threads you own
  • Enhanced grid with primary and secondary grid divisions
  • Create multiple hoop designs
  • Create continuous hoop designs
  • Print designs in actual size for a template, in 3D view or simplified for quick reference
  • View realistic 3D stitch previews of designs
  • Open and edit designs from SmartMedia® cards, PCMCIA cards and CDs
  • Download to SmartMedia Card for Elna Xquisit or Xquisit II
  • Download .jef files to PCMCIA cards for Elna 8600 Xplore and Elna 8200 Xperience
  • Connect directly to the Elna Xquisit or Xquisit II embroidery machine with optional cable
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor