To: All of our Embroidery Deduper Resellers (and Customers)
From: Pat & Clayton - Grans Workroom LLC

We are now celebrating the 7th Anniversary of the roll out of our Embroidery Deduper Software. We have made some changes from the initial format along the way and have certainly enjoyed the questions and comments from all our customers, trying to the best of our abilities to make this a Wonderful Customer friendly addition to the Embroidery World.

Clayton has been trying to meet all of the needs of a full time corporation’s requirements and working on higher education aspirations. Being responsible for 24/7 support, marketing, displaying of the Deduper and at the same time trying to keep up with invoicing and answering questions from re-sellers, has brought us to the recognition that we need to re-vamp our company and the way we are doing business.

To that venue, we have decided to go in a completely different direction in selling our software.

We wish to thank you all for the years of cooperation that you have given us. There have been many wonderful friendships made and we feel that you have just added to our lives in ways you will never know.

We will be asking that you stop selling our Embroidery Deduper Software as of September 30th, 2013. If you should have any hard copies under our No-Cost Inventory Program, we ask that you either return them to us or dispose of them (as they will not be licensed for connection).

Thank you again for all you have done,

Pat Janowiak
Clay Stovall
Grans Workroom LLC

From Grans Workroom Developed by Software Computer Guy, Clay Stovall.

  • This is a Download that will be emailed to you. Not available on a CD.

    To many duplicate or unwanted designs and formats on your computer? Get Rid of Them!

    Would you like to clean up your embroidery files by elimination duplicates and formats not being used. The Embroidery Deduper is fast, easy and economical.

    The Embroidery Deduper is the ONLY solution to eliminate duplicate embroidery designs and files, while automating the extraction of archive files, such as Zip and RAR files.

    Here are some highlights of The Embroidery Deduper's many features :

    Automatically scans your embroidery folders and detects and removes duplicate files. Just choose your embroidery folders and start it! Identifies duplicate files even if the filenames are different. Allows the ability to keep duplicates across category folders, if you'd like to do so.

    Automatically keeps your most preferred embroidery file format of a given design and eliminates the less preferred formats.

    Automatically extracts RAR and Zip format archives and dedups those files as well. It even handles nested archives of unlimited depth.

    Now includes the Folder Consolidation Feature, which examines folders for cases in which it may not be desired to have a separate sub-folder and offers to "move" the embroidery files in the sub-folder to the parent folder. Clean up all those sub-folders that are only storing a few designs in them! The Folder Consolidation Feature makes it easy for you to get your embroidery category folders more "compact", allowing you to find your designs faster.

    Automatically identifies potentially corrupt archive files and puts them in an isolated quarantine folder, for your later review.

    Preference settings such as Duplicate Detection Level, duplicate preservation, quarantine location and preferred format settings are fully customizable and can be saved as defaults or on a per-project basis.

    It's Fast! The Embroidery Deduper can process thousands of files in a matter of seconds. Speeds exceeding 200 files / second are not uncommon, depending on your system configuration, duplicate file density and number of archive files.

    Drag and Drop capability. Simply set your preferences, drag the folder you want to clean up and drop it into the Embroidery Deduper window, press the "Begin Dedup!" button and you're off! It's that simple! You can save the project to a project file, making it even simpler in the future!

    The Embroidery Deduper is the fastest and most thorough way to tidy up your embroidery folders. It's the perfect tool to clean up your "Downloads" folder before you categorize your designs.
Will I receive my software right away?

Actually, it takes several days. They take 2-3 business days to send us the code, then we send it to you.

I cant access my embroidery files with this program; it tells me it can't because they are system files. Any way around this?

This error is because I added a check in the latest update to not dedup folders that exist in the "Program Files" or "Windows" folders, because it was causing problems with some computers. The Deduper was deduping other programs' files and removing empty folders. It was even damaging itself in many cases, causing it to not work any longer. I put this check in there to prevent customers from potentially damaging their Windows and application program installations when they dedup their entire system drive (the C: drive) or the Program Files folder. The rationale was that I felt it was unlikely that customers would actually have embroidery files under these folders, since it would be a very unusual place to put them.

I have had one other customer that actually had embroidery files under the "Program Files" folder. In that case, the customer just moved them to a folder outside of that folder (to an external hard drive, actually). This resolved the problem. I highly recommend that you move your designs out of the system folders, due to the potential for damaging the Windows or your application programs installation. In a future update, I think I'll need to change to simply providing a stern warning, but still let the user override the warning and proceed.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Click HERE for Answers to FAQ Frequently Asked Questions on De-Duper Software before purchasing


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Q. - What happens if my computer crashes, or I replace my old computer?
Q. - How is the Embroidery Deduper distributed? Is it a download or CD?
Nancy, Wisconsin
The one thing I wish you would mention on your website before you order. I ordered on a Saturday and it was a download. Did not realize that I would have to wait until someone sent me the download to my e-mail and it was not available on a weekend. Called the number and this was all explained - just wish I would have known as I would have probably ordered it before the weekend so I could have used it for the weekend.

Sharon, Oklahoma
I was really happy with the speed that I received my order. Far sooner than I anticipated. Everything else associated with the purchase was quite well done. Thanks

Kathryn, Tennessee
It is reasonably easy to use. I wish that my zips didn't have to open or that they could be zipped again after other formats are removed. Also I wish for an alternative for putting the unzipped deduped files automatically into a folder of the same name.

Toby, Georgia
I wish I lived near your business - I could spend my entire social security check!

H.A., Alabama
This was not my first purchase from Allbrands nor will it be my last. Have and will in the future reccomend your company to others.

Michele, Mulkey
I love this company. I can find what I need and ask questions when I need to. The shipping is really quick and I get an excellent product

Jody, North Dakota
great service. I sent an email with questions about my order, and it was answered very promptly. I will definitely order from your company in the future. Thank You for the GREAT service!

Cathy, Nebraska
I was VERY impressed with the speed of delivery. Also, I was excited and very impressed that you included a "freebie" and samples of your stabalizers. Wow. I will definitly recommend your company to others. (You are already getting high praise on the ATW discussion board!) Thank you again. I will not hesitate to buy from you again. Cathy

Sherry, Richardson, TX
So nice to find a company who still believes in Customer Service I just want to send you a note on how good your customer service is and how quick you get orders to the customer. I am new to your sight but always go here first to get what I need. You are helpful, available and have a great return policy. I have ordered several times and had my husband order my Christmas from here. Please keep up the good service and I will keep ordering my needs from Allbrands.