Floriani Medium Tearaway is manufactured using a unique process called the "Delta Wet Laid Non-Woven" technique. The benefit of using this method of production is that the product is very solid, when closely examined you will see no thick and/or thin spots. When used as an embroidery stabilizer, it is not necessary to use multiple layers in random directions to support stitches. Medium Tearaway is a 1.5 oz, clean tear stabilizer. It is the best choice for a supplement stabilizer when working on high stitch count designs in conjunction with your other stabilizers such as No Show Nylon Mesh, Heat N Sta® Tearaway or Wet N Stick®. It provides back up support without adding unwanted bulk.

Use to support embroidery designs on towels, denim or other "stable" woven fabrics

Tears clean from around most embroidery designs

Will support about 8,000 stitches on a well-digitized, average size design

Use in conjunction with other stabilizers for added support
Vickie S, Freeport Tx
"Yesterday, I ordered black stabilizer for embroidery. I ordered from 3 places to see who could get the stabilizer to me ASAP. All brands won. I got it today!! Way to go, AllBrands!!!! You're tops! Thank you