* Includes $70 Box of 50 Organ LWx6T 29-34, 6 Assorted Sizes, 8-18 Curved Needles, for Blind Hem Stitch Machines: Tacsew Reliable USStitchline Yamata Gemsy Rex Tony Huei-Hwang

  • Up to 1200 Stitches per Minute
  • Built-in Motor, Control, Wiring
  • Knee Lift, Skip Stitch & Cylinder Arm
  • 110 Volts, 90 watts, 6500 RPM
  • ALL METAL Portable Blindstitcher
  • Accessory Pack, Foot Control & Instruction Book
  • Portable Home Use Sewing Machines for Apparel Tailoring and Alterations only
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • 1200 stitches per minute
  • Stitch penetration and stitch
  • Length variability gives you big
  • Machine features in a portable unit
  • Swing-down cylinder arm allows for easy insertion and removal of heaviest material - Swing-away bed plate for extended work space
  • Side-mounted thread tensions
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Skip stitch feature for 1-1 and
  • 2-1 stitching
  • Stitch length 3.5-7 mm
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Needle size: #11, 14
  • For sewing all types of light to
  • Medium weight materials
  • Including synthetics, knits and
  • Woolens
  • Typical sewing operations include pant cuffs, felling slack bottoms, hemming dress, skirt and coat bottoms, draperies, negligees, undergarments, lapel padding, blouses and sleeves
  • Suitable for felling operations requiring a skip stitch to
  • Simulate handstitching
  • Ideal for alteration rooms tailors, clothing rentals, dry cleaners, department stores, dressmakers and home use

    Blind Stitch Size Regular Needle Size (U.S./European)
    2 Size 8
    2 1/2 Size 10
    3 Size 12
    3 1/2 Size 14
    4 Size 16
Included Accessories
Other Images

icon Professional Blind Hem Stitch on Double Folded Hem Looks Like a Hand Whipped Hem. Use Skip Stitch to Double Length without having to Adjust Stitch Length Settings Inside.

This machine is essentially the same machine as the Tacsew T500 made in Taiwan, except the BLST is made in Tacsew's China Factory. Copies of the Tacsew T500 including the BLST are manufactured in China, including Artisan, Consew, Supreme, Yamata and many other brands. The BLST2 had a 3 and 4 prong version of the foot control. The 3 prong foot control is obsolete and no longer available. You would need to convert the motor to 10109-A and use the new 4 prong foot control 10110-A.
Re: Single Thread Portable or Power Stand BlindStitch Hemming Machines:
When I pull the stitching out, several stitches unravel along with it. Is there a way to tack the stitches to prevent unraveling?
Jenna, there are several ways of securing a blind hem stitch at the end of a seam. The easiest way is to sew over and beyond the end of a seam, especially if hemming a tubular item like pants. When you sew over previous stitching it helps to lock the stitches in.
Before you remove fabric from the end of the machine feeder, turn the hand wheel clockwise to swing the needle all the way to the left position in the needle channel which will help secure the thread and stitch in place. Then quickly pull or jerk the fabric hem from behind the feeder which will break the thread and tie off the chain stitch so that it will not continue to unravel. It takes some practice because you may have to use the knee lever or hand wheel to position or release the fabric if it is not already at the end of the feeder.
You can also turn the hand wheel counterclockwise at the end of the seam (like reverse stitching but no formation) just to hide the end stitches, or you can manually weave the unraveled thread back into the chainstitch with a seaming needle.

Anita Hein, Canada, October, 1999
I bought a Tacsew Blind hemmer from AllBrands in October, 1999. I was leary of using the credit card on the Internet so I called the 800 number. It was simple fast (yay Melanie) and I am very happy with my purchase. I should also mention I am Canadian and even with the exchange and shipping, I still saved a lot of money! I'm now interested in a babylock serger... Thanks!
Lyle and Heidi Johnson, December 12, 2000
I wanted to thank you for the very professional way you handled our order. It is nice that someone selling over the Internet provides this kind of personal service. We received our TacSew 500 in 3 days and it is fantastic. We had a little trepidation when we ordered because it is a major purchase for us. Heidi's little sewing room consists of 2 sergers, 2 Bernina sewing machines and an old Domestic we picked up at a garage sale for tacking and straight line stitching. This machine has saved, already, a great deal of time because it does a beautiful job hemming. Still have to learn to run it for sheers but made tiebacks and they look good. Thank you for your quick service and for the needles you put in at the last minute that I had forgotten to order.

I am breaking a lot of needles and the tension is getting too tight on its own while stitching and causing the thread to break. I am learning the machine for two weeks. Is it so sensitive too wools, cottons, and fleece that this would make such a major difference in the stitching - breaking needles, breaking thread? Kay

It may not be tension that is causing the problem with your portable blindstitch. If you have broken needles it has probably left some needle burrs in the thread and needle path that need polishing off with fine emory cloth (crocus) before sewing again.

Start with a new LWx6T needle without thread or fabric. Watch the needle as you turn the hand wheel. If there is needle deflection, reduce the penetration dial until there is no needle movement. If there is needle deflection caused by burrs, they must be polished off. Check the looper tip and two arms for any needle burrs and polish off. If there is needle deflection caused by the needle track lifting the needle, lower the track very slightly with the screws on the side of the black metal bracket above the needle.

Finally, Back off on the tension dial and retighten while you are sewing with a light strong thread and light to medium weight fabric, until you get the correct tension without loops. If tension is too tight it will push the thread up so it is not all the way down between the tension discs where it belongs. JMD
Hazel, California
The service at Allbrands is always excellent, by phone or on the internet, fast shipping just wonderful. I always check with Allbrands first to see if you carry the product I am looking for. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Charlotte, Kentucky
fast and great service :>)

Grace, Florida
Great machine, but the diagram for length of the stitch is somewhat hard to find according to the diagram. But I will try to work with it. Thanks

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