Originally introduced as Viking Inspira Fab U Motion Fabric Mover for freearm sewing machines at over 500USD, it is now less that one half the regular retail price in stores.

Note: This is identical to the Viking Inspira Fab-U-Motion (620 07 89-96) and should work with most free arm sewing machines with a arm height of 3 3/8” to 3 ¾”. The Free Motion Assistant without stitch regulator would work with any sewing machine that has the platform at a certain height from the table top to the height of the throat under the needle, approximately 3-1/2.” We don’t have all the sewing machines, therefore we can’t specify specific sewing machine models. The customer would have to be responsible to make that determination based on the measurements.

Small Fabric Mover for free motion quilting on your sewing machine. This handy platform slides on top of the arm of the sewing machine and supports the fabric while you move the platform.

*Works with:
  • Husqvarna Designer SE, SE LE, Designer 1, Designer 1 USB, Designer II, Quilt Designer, Platinum 730,750,770, Scandinavia 200,300,400, Lily, Rose, and Iris.
  • Pfaff Creative 2100 series, 2124, 2134, 2140, 2144, 2170
  • Pfaff Performance Line 2054, 2056, 2058
  • Pfaff Expression 2.0, 3.0 ,4.0, 2038, 2034, 2036, 2044, 2046, 2048
  • Pfaff Classic Style 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029
  • Bernina 135,140,145,153,180
  • Bernina Artista Series
  • Bernina Aurora Series
  • Bernina Activa Series

    Many other free arm home sewing machine brands and models.

    90 Day warranty (Parts/Labor) against manufacturing defects.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Viking has a video, projects, and Tip Sheet/FAQ on their website at http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/us/7610.htm

  • A demonstration video by Sue Hausman is at http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/us/9446.htm

    Click Start Button to See You Tube Video on Free Motion Asssistant hand guided frame attachment without electronic Stitch Regulator.
I have a Pfaff 2134, but would prefer the 12" square quilting area for the Fabric Mover and Stitch Regulator. Does the large size not work at all on the Pfaff 2134? What is the problem? Arlene

Arlene, the reason we recommend 12x12" frame FMA only for Viking Diamond and Pfaff Vision is that their 10" arm space right of the needle allows use of most of the space in the 12x12" frame. If you were to use the 12x12" frame on your Pfaff 2134, you would still be limited to sewing a 6" wide square (or longer oblong) quilt pattern. Deducting 1" for the frame on the right from your approximately 7" arm space right of the needle, only leaves you with about 6" of sewing area from left to right, even if you can still sew the full 12" from front to back. Some customers can freemotion mirror images, but it requires precise positioning after the fabric is turned 180 degrees. John

How do you avoid plates from dragging on sewing machine freearm surface?
The distances between the top and bottom platforms are the same for the Free Motion Assistants. We have found that if we place larger rubberized ‘feet’ on the underside of the bottom platform, it changes the angle/lift of the two plates sufficient to make the upper platform not rub the sewing machine. Also, the right edge of the upper platform has a Teflon strip along it to protect the sewing machine throat area.
Kathleen , WA
I figured out a different way to install the fabric mover other than the directions they provided. I left the sewing machine extension on my machine instead of taking it off like the directions say. I installed the fabric mover just right over top of the extension and now it works really well. Gives the fabric mover more support.

Kathy Vogan, Rochester, WA
I didn't like it at all at first but then I went back and installed it differently than the directions say to do. On the second try, I did not remove my sewing machine work top extension, but instead just installed the fabric mover over top of the extension. The extension feet did not interfere, at least with my machine. Doing this gives the fabric mover so much more support and allows it to move smoothly. Before I figured this out, it was catching on the arm of my machine and I was ready to return it. I'm getting ready to quilt a large quilt so we will see how it works.

Teresa, Australia
Thank you for speedy delivery. I like the tracking system you have.

Laura N,
Thank you! In this case, price rules over packaging! I'll go to the site for ordering.

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