Note: On the 1st of August 2010, Pfaff Industrial Machinery (Taicang) Co., Ltd. was purchased by the Tribonia Int. GmbH Germany and is now operating under the name of the well known industrial sewing machine manufacturer MAUSER SPEZIAL. The 1245 & 335 models are also now branded Mauser Spezial same machines , same quality and warranty.

This high-speed seamer (with drop feed) works with an optimized hook and needle bar lubrication. It can sew top quality seams at a speed of 5,000 s.p.m. without any problem

In new lock stitch machines PFAFF the slide bearings has been eliminated and replaced with the rollings [ball and needle rollers]. Thanks to that their vitality has been extended and the necessity of lubricate many elements has been limited.

  • Built-in motor plus stand
  • Universal lockstitch machine
  • Bottom feed
  • Integrated energy-saving servo motor EcoDrive
  • 5.500 s.p.m.
  • Needle positioning
  • Thread trimmer
  • Controller of initial stitch (formerly thread wiper)
  • Automatic presser foot lift and bar tacking
  • Maximum stitch length 4,5 mm.
  • Equipped with closed [safety] oil tank
  • Operating panel BDFS2 in standard
  • Complete sewing machine with stand

    Technical Data:
  • Stitch type: 301 (lockstitch)
  • Max. Stitch length: 6 mm
  • Max. Fabric clearance: 13 mm
  • Needle bar stroke: Adjustable to 30 or 36 mm
  • Needle system: 134 (DBx1)
  • Needle Size:
    A-Version: B-Version: C-Version:
    max. 80 max. 100 max. 140
  • Connection Voltage: Single-phase a.c., 230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power input: 0.4 kw
  • Net weight of head: approx. 49 Kg
  • Gross weight (head in carton w/ accessories): approx. 54 kg

  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Click HERE for Brochure on Mauser Spezial MA2083 (Pfaff 1183) High Speed Sewing Machine

MA 2083

MA 2083 - High speed sewing with new design Intelligent, Fast, Powerful and Reliable semi dry or fully dry machine

Area of application:For use of extremely wear resistant components guarantee the quality, flexibility and sewing speed of this high-speed seamer

Special features

  • Needle to arm space of 300 mm
  • Semi oil to needle bar and hook only
  • Large ”horizontal hook“
  • bobbin thread capacity increased by 50%
  • number of bobbin changes reduced by about 25% with the new ”G-hook“
  • High flexibility due to the adjustable needle bar stroke (30 to 36 mm)
  • One machine for all material thicknesses
  • Up to 13 mm presser foot clearance (with 36 mm needle bar stroke)
  • Eccentric for tilting the feed dog
  • Concealed cable guide integrated in the sewing head
  • Knife/catcher change for the thread trimming device without readjustment
  • Integrated solutions for presser foot lift, backtacking mechanism without compressed air
  • Up to 6 mm stitch length – forward and reverse
  • Computer-optimized kinematics of take-up lever, feed dog and needle bar motion
  • Sewing head auto select system to recognize set sewing programs and pre-set parameters for service purposes
  • Interface for PC-connection for communication/network and software downloading
  • Integrated bobbin thread winder

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