Arrow Quilting Extension Leaf Support Table

Arrow Oak 400 Series Cabinets | 34 3/8" W x 20 7/16" D

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Our quilting extension leaf will create an additional 5 square feet of space behind your Arrow Cabinet model 400. The quilting extension leaf can be easily added on to any 400 series Arrow sewing cabinet with 4 screws. The leaf slides along a 34 ½" rod and can be slid anywhere along the rod for custom positioning. When your sewing project is done the leaf extension folds up nicely and hangs out of view on the back of the cabinet.

The quilting extension leaf is 34 3/8" wide x 20 7/16" deep and will stand on two support legs that fold and tuck under the leaf when not in use. When the leaf is extended behind the cabinet, level with the edge of the cabinet, the table stands 30 3/16" tall