Knives, Oil, Safety Cover, Fine and Course Grinding Wheels for Olfa, Kai, Grace TruCut, Clover, Gingher and other brands, A dull rotary cutting blade can be the source of inaccurate and accidental cuts. Keep blades razor sharp using this orbital sharpener.

Orbital Rotary Cutter
Blade Sharpener

The USA Sharpeners Orbital Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener is a unqiue product that is designed to sharpen all standard 45mm and 60mm rotary cutting blades. It's state-of-the-art diamond sharpening wheel creates a straight, razor-sharp cutting edge in seconds. Since the blade stays completely inside the protective housing, there's no risk of cutting your fingers while sharpening the blade. Plus, the money you save by not having to buy new blades will pay for the sharpener many times over!

The USA Sharpeners Orbital Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener is ideal for:
• Quilting
• Crafts
• Upholstery
• Paper Cutting
Bonnie, Nevada
I was very happy with the speed in which my little order got here. I'll look forward to buy from your company again , and have given your email address to friends for ordering and getting the order in the manner in which I had mine delivered. Thank you

Olfa, Marketing
Good afternoon, John. I apologize for the delayed response; you might have heard we had a little snow up in Chicago land this week. We appreciate and thank you for removing the OLFA® logo and reference to being manufactured by OLFA on these items which are not manufactured by OLFA. With regards to an OLFA brand rotary blade sharpener, OLFA Inc. has determined that blade sharpeners cannot reproduce the exact edge on authentic OLFA rotary cutter blades. Therefore they will not produce a blade sharpener, cannot endorse the use of a blade sharpener on OLFA blades, and we shall not warrant any OLFA blades sharpened with a blade sharpener for any damages caused to users of the re-sharpened blade, fabrics or other materials cut by re-sharpened blades, or other objects damaged by re-sharpened blades. with best regards, Mark Alder Director of Marketing OLFA North America A division of World Kitchen LLC