One 13 oz. can bastes one full-size king quilts. Use one can for three queen-size quilts. 13 oz

Original quilt basting spray shortens basting time to just 10 minutes. No need for basting or pinning; non-permanent bond allows for repositioning. Adhesive won’t gum up your needle. One 13 oz. can bastes one full-size quilt.

Helps you save hours of frustration by eliminating the need for basting or pinning! It temporarily bonds fabric to batting (poly or cotton), patterns, templates or appliques. It is an acid-free, non-permanent bond which is repositionable if required.

Save hours of frustration by eliminating the needs for basting or pinning. Bonds quilt batting to the top layer and lining without shifting as you quilt. Non-permanent bond allows the material to be repositioned if necessary.

Please note: The basting spray can not ship via air or outside of the continental
Cheryl, New York
Great service, great price!

Myrtle, Florida
This was purchased for the quilt group at my church. We give away hundreds of quilts to meet needs, some disaster relief, hospital and chemo patients, new babies, battered women s shelters, orphanages in our country as well as Mexico, India and China. The product should make our projects much easier and faster. If the product is as advertised, we will be ordering again in the future. Many of our quilters plan to order for their personal 'at home quilting' as well.