Table for Flatbed Knitting Machines with Ribbers, New Silver Reed LK150, SK155, 160, 280, 840, 860, or older Singer SK Models, Studio, Empisal, Brother, Toyota, Taitexma, Artisan. Also fits Single Beds without Ribbers as long as you have the "C" clamps to anchor down. Sorry, No Coupons.

Note: Due to a price increase in the last shipment of tilt stands (12-26-14) the new price is $229.99. The stands are also made of a heavier metal and increase the weight by 2 pounds.

For a flat top table you need to change from C knitter clamps to S ribber clamps every time you use the ribber. With the Tilt Stand you only need to use ribber clamps all of the time, whether you are knitting flatbed style or with your ribber attached. John Douthat, AllBrands, Owner Tech

A knitting machine tilt stand will allow you to switch from flatbed level __ knitting to /\ inverted bed positions for operating knitter and ribber together. Conversion from flat bed to ribber operation on the tilt stand does not require that you change clamps from knitter to ribber clamps as you would with any flat top table that does not tilt forward and back..

For Flatbed Knitting Machines and Ribbers. Tilts up for using knitter ribber combinations, and down for flatbed horizontal knitting on main bed. Use your ribber without repositioning the main bed or clamps from flatbed position to tilted position for use with ribber.

If you plan to go back and forth between using the knitting machine in flatbed position for stockinet and have to change the clamps and reinstall the ribber for cuffs, necklines and sleeves, you may need the tilt stand (which does not require changing clamps or reinstalling the ribber)
Otherwise you would have to change the clamps every time you switch between the C clamps for flatbed knitting and the S clamps for tilting the knitter whenever the ribber is installed.
This may also requires ribber alignment adjustments* that would not need to be made if the double bed was permanently installed on a tilt stand. As long as you are willing to make the conversions each time, you can use any sturdy table. John Douthat, owner & tech

Made of steel, this knitting stand is exceptionally sturdy and stable. Can be easily dismantled and stored when not in use.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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