• Only long arm portable made in Japan.
  • Sews up to 1500 stitches per minute
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment with guage
  • Automatic thread trimmer by foot control or button on machine
  • Auto needle-stop down/up button
  • Knee lift for presser foot up to 12MM
  • Hand lift for presser foot up to 7MM
  • Retractable drop feed dog controls
  • 10.5"x23" Extension table for more work space
  • 6"X9" Arm space right of needle
  • Uses regular home machine needles
  • Exclusive thread trimming feature works with Handi Handles and any quilt frame
  • Includes three popular quilting feet - walking foot, 1/4" foot and free motion foot
  • Instruction manual and parts list included.
  • US Warranty 5 Years Mechanical, 2 Years Electrical, 90 Days Adjustments on defects in material or workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Portable sewing machine
  • Sews heavy weight apparel and drapery materials with ease (not heavy upholstery)
  • Foot pedal switch for thread trimming and raising needle at same time
  • Predetermined stop-down position of the needle
  • 1/4" walking foot, and free motion foot included
  • Knee lift for presser foot up to 12mm
  • 2 cone thread stand
  • Dropfeed control
  • Adjustable fabric pressure according to material weight
  • Thread tension scale
  • Automatic stop-bobbin winding
  • Automatic underbed thread trimmers
  • Horizontal axis all-metal full-rotary hook assembly
  • For tailoring, quilting, dressmaking and many other applications
  • Needle sizes 7 to 18
  • Stitch length up to 6 mm
  • Universal presser foot for tape, ribbon, and narrow elastic application
  • Presser foot lift 7 mm by hand
  • Knee lifter 12 mm (extra lift)
  • Included auxilliary table dimensions(10.5" x 23")
  • 120V, 150 watts, 1.4 Amp, 60Hz rated voltage/power consumption
  • Lamp power consumption: 12V, 3W
  • Unit weight 25 lbs (11.3 Kg)
  • Shipping weight 38 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions 14.5" x 9" x 17.75"
  • UL Listed
Included Accessories
  • 10.5x18" Extension Table
  • Walking foot
  • Free motion foot
  • 1/4" seam foot
  • Rollhem foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Needles, Bobbins and Tools
Other Images

icon Dimensions of Extension Table

icon Drop Feed

icon Easy Bobbin Replacement

icon Foot Pedal Switch for Tread Trimming

icon Automatic Thread Trimmer

icon Easy Threading

icon Auto-stop Bobbin Winding

icon Thread Tension Scale

icon Adjustment of Fabric Pressure

icon Walking Foot

icon Predetermined Stop Position of the Needle

icon Knee Lift

icon Heavy Weight Materials are Sewn with Ease

icon Standard Quilt Attachment

Machine set-up when using quilting foot







As long as Juki TL98E is the only one made in Japan (Brother is made in Taiwan), then Juki is superior in quality of construction inside. Juki also has bigger and more metal parts (less plastic) than Brother. The extra foot switch for thread trimming speeds up production and works better with machine quilt frames and Handi Handles. The Juki all metal compensating foot for 1/4" seams is better than the one that comes with the Brother. Finally, Juki is more competatively priced than Brother. The Juki TL-98E has a red FOOT-PEDAL SWITCH for needle-up and thread trim all in one operation, which the Brother 1500S does not have. Though they look similar on the outside, Juki has better internal mechanical construction than Brother. Juki is made in Japan whereas Brother is made in Taiwan. Handi Handles work best on Juki TL98E because you can control both Start/Stop and Automatic Thread Trimming from buttons on the Handi Handles.
What are the differences between the new Juki TL98Q and the old TL98E?
The new Juki TL98Q "quilting" machine
has many improvements over the old TL98E "tailoring" but keeps all the features of the TL98E.

-2 heavy duty quilting feet 1/4" (for straight-line channel quilting) and 1/5" (for free motion quilting and embroidery). Measurements are from needle to outside of metal ring and have greater visibility.

-Built-in Automatic needle threader push lever threads the needle eye for you.

-Heavy duty, metal arm Even Feed Walking Foot attachment is less apt to break than the plastic arm model.

-Telescopic Thread Stand antenna allows height adjustment for threads and quilting frames (especially the Grace whose foot control table on top ran into the fixed height thread stand antenna on the TL98E).

-Thread cutting Knife Safety to prevent the thread trimmer arm from coming in contact with the needle which could cause breakage.

-Reduced thead trimmer noise (the clicks you hear when pressing the button on the machine or depressing the secondary thread trimming red foot control)

-Improved feed dog up/down control mechanism. Less apt to stick in the upper or lower position. More control in the knob.

-Parts availability increased for interchangeability without complete sub-assemblies.

All this for the same price that the TL98E sold for. Hope this helps. Thanks.

John Douthat, AllBrands.com Owner & Tech.

What does this machine have that others don't?
It has twice the power and has twice the speed of other home sewing machines. It also has a much larger, 6" x 9" arm space for sewing and quilting.

What kind of needles should be used with the Juki TL98E? Jay
Jay, we recommend Organ, Schmetz, Singer or any other regular flat shank domestic sewing machine needles for the Juki TL98E.

If you are free motion quilting use the Organ quilting needles or Schmetz quilting needles

For denim, canvas duck and other tightly woven fabrics use the Schmetz Denim needles.

For knit fabrics use Schmetz Stretch or Organ ball point.

For synthetic micro fiber fabrics use Schmetz Microtex.

For leather fabrics use Organ 15x2 or Schmetz leather point.

For regular sewing use Schmetz Universal needles or Organ 15x1 sharper needles.

Organ PD Perfect Durability Titanium coated needles last 3 time longer than the nickel or chrome plated needles above.

We only sell them in discounted bulk boxes of 100 of a size. They are available in fabric stores in packs of 5 for about twice as much money. JMD

How often do I need to oil the Juki TL98E?
Karletta, if you sew every day for up to 8 hours, put one drop of oil between the rotating hook and the stationary bobbin case receptacle (base or basket) where they move against each other in normal rotation.

I also put a scant drop or dab of oil between the bobbin case and metal bobbin when changing bobbins and one scant drop or dab on the shaft or post that holds the bobbin case whenever I remove and insert bobbins. This reduces noise and wear between the moving parts.

Otherwise, if your TL98E starts sounding any louder after months of operation, we remove covers and lubricate all metal to metal moving parts. Keep it free of any dust, lint and thread ends in the thread trimmer by removing the needle plate before you oil. JMD

> Hope the season is treating you well and Santa was good to you.
> I have a problem and was hoping you could point me in a direction
> The Mrs. has her Juki 98Q set up on her Grace frame. She is using the
> needles and Signature thread as recommended. The machine seems to be
> skipping stitches. It just doesn't do it consistently. Originally it
> skipping and the needle thread was breaking. The troubleshooter showed

> bent or blunt needle as the only cause for both of those symptoms so I
> her change the needle. It seems to be leaving a larger than normal
hole in
> the fabric and will stitch fine for a bit then skip 3 or so stitches
> the bobbin thread tends to occasionally double up creating a nasty
> birdsnest type of thing on the underside of her quilt. One last item
> (clue, hint, whatever), upon attempting to check the bobbin tension by
> of the indicated technique in the instruction manual, the bobbin tends
> fall out of the case. No snap release, just bounce the thread and the
> bobbin bounces right on out.
> Hope you have some suggestions for me 'cause I am lost (again).
> Thanks,
> Kurt
First of all, try to remove machine from the frame and see if machine
skips stitches on regular sewing. If it does, it`s a problem with
machine, if doesn't, we have to look again in supply and technique.
Signature thread is good but you need to make sure you have 40 or 30
weight thread. Also what kind of needles you using, I understand it's a
size #100 but what type. We recommend trying Stretch or Denim type
needles, they work better on the frame. Also some battings produce a lot
of heat and in this case you need Titanium needles or you need to use
silicon oil to cool needle down.
Changing type of batting also can solve some problems.
Pressure adjustment on the presser foot should be somewhere in middle
and this will also improve your tension. You might need increase the
thread tension on free motion quilting on the frame compare to regular
If you have any questions, you can call me at 800-739-7374 ext 107.

Alex Pasman
Sewing Machine Technician/
Technical Advisor
800-739-7374 ext 107

teresa b., br

I have recently ordered the Juki best buy quilting combo (my first purchase from you) I was very pleased with the savings compared to our local sewing & vac store. Plus the fact that it was already set up as a kit, I didn't have to drive myself crazy trying to figure out which items would work best togather. The next time I need an appliance I'll look here first. Thanks for making it so easy. > Teresa B.


Super-duper machine! I was interested in this sewing machine because it had a larger area in which to get my big king size quilts for machine quilting. I do roll the quilts and I stitch them diagonally. However, I think the best 2 features are 1) the cutter and 2) the back-stitch. When I quilt I begin with a quick 2 or 3 stitch back stitch. It secures the pieces so when I piece large sections, I don't have to go back and tack the loose ends. The cutter has really saved me because I begin my very large quilts in the center for about half of the quilting rows. By using the cutter, the ends of the thread are short and dong "grap" onto other threads when I quilt near that beginning or stopping place, thus no unwanted tucks on the backside! I use 100% cotton batting (usually Warm & Natural) and all of this makes for very smooth quilts. The machine sews very fast, when I want it to, so I really can zip those strips!

Michael Beauchene, West Lebanon, NH

I've been very pleased with the service that I have received from AllBrands. My sewing machine Juki TL 98E is a dream come true when quilting my quilts. The company gave me all the info I needed to order spare accessories from their Headquarters. I will return again, that's for sure...Prices are the best on the net. Thanks for such good service!

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