Does not interfere with flipup, top opening lids for accessory storage, already on many top of the line sewing quilting embroidery machines! Up to 14" Freearms! No Back Plugs!

  • Light comes with two (2) LED type puck lights (each light has 60 LEDs inside)
  • Built-In Thread guide to accommodate large spools of thread, feed vertically and horizontally.
  • Seven (7) storage bins to store notions
  • Pattern Holder
  • Scissor Holder
  • Wrap around style
  • Stays clear of fabric
  • Electric on/off
  • Made in the USA
  • by Patty Doyle of RoBo Whittler LCC
  • US Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

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Does this work with the newer machines that have a longer bed (like the Brother Quattro, Pfaff CV)?

I checked the Brother Quattro and Pfaff CV for best fit and the light will fit perfect. The only finding that would be different on the Pfaff CV is that you will have to place the light slightly back from the machine if you install the embroidery setup.
Diane, New York
Keep up the excellent work, will buy again, highly recommended.

Nana loves to sew, New York
Love this new lighting system, I would highly recommended this to all, as it is the best lighting ever. Once it is set up you can see all around your sewing area without seeing shadows or dark areas. Like some of us who use multiple lamps only to end up moving them or knocking them over, this is not in your way at all. The first day I received it I could not stop sewing as this was bright and did not need to be adjusted, nor was the lights giving off heat making you hot as lamps do. The craftmanship is excellent. My very best compliments.

Janet, Florida
No complaints. Your company has set the bar. Thank you, for your service.

Elaine, Las Vegas, NV
My best time for sewing is at night and I was unable to enjoy sewing as my eye sight isn't what it was. I'd tried several modifications to my sewing room and so many different lights to remedy the issue, all to no avail. I saw this light and thought it was a bit pricey but, when I got it set-up, I fell in love. The light is bright and I can see so much better and what's even better is the light is not hot! I live in the desert and my sewing room is the warmest in the house and all the lights I was using before made the room unbearable. I love the additional storage the unit affords me and I use the light whenever I sew, day or night. This unit has brought back my love of sewing!

Pamela, Kentucky
I love your site and have bought at least 3 machines. Keep up the good work

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