AlphaSew Sewing Cabinets must be shipped by Freight Truck on a 48x48" Wood Pallet to avoid damage. They cannot be shipped regular Ground.

*Only available in combination with cast iron stand and 4 drawer wood cabinet and Singer treadle sewing machine complete package, as we have equal but limited quantities of each*

Note: This is not the best quality cabinet but the only one that is available new on the market today. Interior of drawers look unfinished, edges are not sanded. Underside of table is not stained. See customer Comments and Reviews on this page.

Shanna D, Gilmer TX
I received my Alphasew Treadle cabinet today and I wanted to give you a heads-up. The upper part of the cabinet was all right, not the best workmanship, but functional and it fit my Janome perfectly! The drawers, however, were VERY poor. In fact, one set was already broken in two places. Many edges were not sanded, and the finish was uneven; the underside of the table is not even stained. VERY poor quality work and poor quality wood at best. And you're not kidding about no instructions. You get the top, which is easy to figure out, and then lots of little wooden pieces and screws. Not even an illustration on the box. I know this cabinet only cost $100 (+40 something dollars shipping) and it's probably not exactly the most-sold item in your line, but the poor quality of the drawers isn't going to be well-received by some people. I was pretty disappointed myself. I had the choice to buy this item vs. buying an antique cabinet that would have required a little modification. I chose this cabinet over the antique...and now I wonder if I made the right choice. I'd almost tell them to just leave the drawers off if they aren't any better quality. As they are, the drawers are hardly usable. And there needs to be SOME working illustration that shows how to attach the coffin. I like the top (table) and I'm keeping it, but you really need to have a talk with your supplier about quality control. Either raise the price a little and make a better product or keep the price and just leave off the drawers if they can't do a better job. If you want photos of the drawers, I'll be happy to send them to you. Just email me.

Sinclair, Texas
I just called and ordered your "Alphasew Unassembled Treadle Sewing Machine Wood Cabinet Top HA1-C 4-Drawer, Cast Iron Stand HA1-T & Belt, for 14.5x7" Flatbeds Singer, Janome & HA-T" and spoke with Monica. She was so courteous and professional. I really appreciated her help and look forward to receiving my new treadle from you all.

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