• A required component for the use of all electric powerbrushes. Versions vary depending on canister style used.

    This SES 118 electric hose and the new SET 210 telescopic wand are needed to supply the electric to the motor that drives the brush roll when using a SEB 236 or SEB 217-2 Powerbrush on a S514i Solaris canister. This hose mates with the new black SET 210 Wand with its internal wiring. It has a newly designed ergonomic rounded hose end which you hold when using the cleaner. This enables you to easily grip this new handle with minimal bending of your wrist, reducing stress and fatigue to your lower arm. A fingertip rocker switch enables you to stop the powerbrush motor for cleaning bare floors with it. The extra-large 1 1/3" (34mm) inside diameter enables higher air flow rates due to its lower internal resistance. The Miele cleaners which this hose fits are all designed to automatically make the electrical connections when the SES 118 hose is inserted into the cleaner. The swivel mechanism is built into the hose end where it is well protected from the dirt. Earlier models that have the direct connect swivel built into the cleaner's hose inlet use the similar SES 115 Electric Hoses. The hose can swivel freely for 360° at the cleaner, enabling you to work conveniently near the machine. This feature also reduces sideways stresses on the hose which can significantly shorten its life span, causing it to tear prematurely. The hose itself is designed to be crush resistant for longer wear as well. This hose can even swivel freely within the rounded hose end that you hold, giving even more freedom of movement. Fits Miele S514i Solaris Canisters.

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  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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