Innovative and versatile thread organizer. Holds all of your thread types, regardless of cone size. Double stack small spools! Last thread rack you will ever need. Thread shown in picture is not included.

  • The Arranger 60+ Thread Rack revolutionizes thread storage!
  • Unlike traditional wooden thread racks that are designed for specific thread spool sizes; The Arranger 60+ can be configured to fit most any size spool.
  • The extra tall 3 inch spool pins are removable to accommodate even King size spools. The tall pins also allow for stacking duplicate spools.
  • Wall mountable and with white finish, it will fit into any decor
  • Ships flat eliminating the issue of thread pins breaking during shipment
  • The rack is 17-1/4“ W x 18” T x 3-3/4” D

Heather, Illinois
I went ahead and ordered the Arranger 60+ Adjustable Thread Rack, crossing my fingers that it will fit. I currently have a June Tailor thread rack that has the same number of pegs width-wise, so I'm assuming a similar width. Out of all of the websites I contacted about this item, you guys were the only ones to respond and had the best price.

Janice, Kentucky
The thread cone size holder was PERFECT. I am going to order two more. I also told my two sisters about them and so they are going to order too.