Includes: 2GB SD Cards, Cables, 100+ Designs, PLT Format. Qbot warranty is 1 year for any commercial use.

Note: Be sure NOT to order the complete Quilter's Cruise Control, but rather the QCC for QBOT combo that comes with the Qbot robot on this page. If you HAVE stitch length regulation on your longarm machine, you only need the Qbot by itself on another page. If you DO NOT HAVE stitch regulation on our short arm machine, you need the combo on this page with QCC Qullters Cruise Control for compatible machines and frames.

QBOT Features

What is it? It's a Quilting Robot!
QBOT Stands for Quilting Based on Technology...
QBOT Automatically quilts...
QBOT Automatically does hands-free, free motion quilting...
QBOT Automatically moves across your quilt, forming your pattern...
QBOT Automatically gives you beautiful, professional results, and...
QBOT is Compatible with most quilting frames and machines!

"With the QBOT, we send out a CD that has the manual, some videos, and designs that we developed and that we purchased for inclusion with the QBOT from a design company. Regarding software packages that are available to quilters for the purpose of making a quilting design, the software must output the format .PLT or .4QB. From your list below, I am aware that CorelDraw, CreativeDRAWings, and Art and Stitch output .PLT. I don't think Electric Quilt outputs that format, but maybe they have a more recent release that does. SVP's QuiltDesign Creator software outputs .4QB (versions 4D and 5D)." Liten Up

Optional CorelDRAW Graphics Studio Software allows you to create your own one-of-a-kind quilting patterns!

  • Automatic, hands-free movement across your quilt, stitching the perfect design!
  • Simple - truly easy to install and use.
  • Professional Results - you are the profession! There is no need to pay someone a premium price to personalize your unique quilt!
  • Intricate designs stitched beautifully - create design-quality that would be impossible to create by hand.
  • Fit designs to your quilts needs - stencils that don't fit are history! You can now perfectly size designs for any block - without tools!
  • "Record" your own designs - save your stitching movements so they can be repeated exactly the same way, or scaled any way you want. You do not have to take your frame apart to free motion manually.
  • Set up your quilting frame and QBOT anywhere you want it - QBOT works with or without a computer connected. You do not have to be computer literate to use the QBOT.
  • Fit designs to your quilts needs - stencils that don't fit are history! You can now perfectly size designs for any block - without tools!
  • "Record" your own designs - save your stitching movements so they can be repeated exactly the same way, or scaled any way you want. You do not have to take your frame apart to free motion manually.
  • Set up your quilting frame and QBOT® anywhere you want it - QBOT® works with or without a computer connected. You do not have to be computer literate to use the QBOT.
    128 MB SD QBOT® card included - transfer and store your designs easily. The SD card comes with designs already built in so you can start right away.

    5 Year Warranty - Click here for warranty information

  • The QBOT formats are .4QB (which is the output from 4D QBOT Software available from authorized Pfaff and Viking dealers), and .PLT (output from Corel Draw). As of now, the QuiltCAD quilt design software doesn’t output a compatible file as far as we know.

    Quilter's Cruise Control Features
    Note: Plugs into foot control port of specified electronic sewing machines with frames, so you don't have to use a separate foot control. Requires quilting frame carriage platform to install x & y motion electronic encoders, which feedback the speed of platform movement, so the motor can speed up or down and maintain stitch length.

    Using optical encoders mounted to your quilting frame, it actively changes the speed of the sewing machine as you move it to help maintain uniform stitch length throughout the quilting project.

  • Made in the USA
  • It is a stitch length regulator for use with many short-arm quilting frames.
  • It plugs directly into your sewing machine’s foot pedal port.
  • Optical encoders are installed on the carriages of a quilting frame to
    gather the speed information of the quilter's movement. This is transmitted
    to the brain of the Quilter's Cruise Control and then, in turn, to the
    sewing machine. Without the optical encoders on the frame, there is no
    signal to the brain, etc. Therefore, there must be a frame with carriages
    for the QCC to work.

    Sewing Machines:
    BabyLock QCP
    Bernina models 135-200
    Brother 1300
    Brother 1500
    Elna 7200
    HQ-16 Imperial
    Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter
    Janome 1600 Professional
    Janome 6500
    Janome 6600
    Juki TL98E
    Juki TL98Q/QE
    Pfaff Grand Quilter
    Pfaff various older models

    Quilting Frames:
    Grace/Little Gracie
    Happy Jack
    John Watts Quilter
    New Joy:Gold Standard
    New Joy:Magic
    Next Generation
  • US Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Click Here FOR Qbot Warranty

QBOT Specifications

Click Here for Links to 25 QBOT Videos available on You Tube

In order for QBOT to work you will need a quilting frame, sewing machine and stitch regulator built in the machine or a Quilter’s Cruise Control Stitch Regulator available. As we develop and test the adapter kit for the other quilting machines and frames, we will write the instructions and make QBOT available for these products. The development and test cycle for certain frames can be lengthy, so we ask for your patience as we expand QBOT’s compatibilities.

Please click here for current machine and frame compatibility list

8 QBOT Design Collections from Golden Threads

Consumer Webinars can be found at and the below link.

Installation Guide (.pdf)

Bot Squad email address:

Quilter's Cruise Control Specifications
Current Compatibilities Available:

Sewing Machines

Babylock BLQP by Brother, not on BLQP2 by Jaguar
BabyLock QCP

Bernina models 135-200

Brother 1300
Brother 1500
Brother 1500S

Elna 7200
Fun Quilter*
Hobby Quilter*
Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, HV Designer SE, SE LE, Designer 1, Designer 1 USB, Designer II, Quilt Designer, Platinum 730,750,770, Scandinavia 200,300,400, Lily, Rose, Iris, Interlude.

Janome 1600P
Janome 6500P
Janome 6600P

Juki TL98E
Juki TL98Q
Juki TL98QE

Pfaff Grand Quilter, Pfaff Creative 2100 series, 2124, 2134, 2140, 2144, 2170, Pfaff Performance Line 2054, 2056, 2058, Pfaff Expression 2038, 2034, 2036, 2044, 2046, 2048
, Pfaff Classic Style 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029

Voyager 17*
*requires a retrofit to your sewing machine, please contact us via e-mail for detailed instructions

Quilting Frames
Grace/Little Gracie
Grace Next Generation
John Watts Quilter
New Joy Gold Standard
New Joy Magic
Quilt Easy
SuperQuilter Proflex
Suzy Q Quilter
Ultra Quilter
**may require compatible parts, purchased from frame manufacturer.

If you do not see your sewing machine or quilting frame, contact us for future release dates. We are working on adding different versions.

Included Accessories
  • The Quilter's Cruise Control Brain (5.3"L X 2.6"W X 2" Tall) - specific to sewing machine
  • Optical Encoders, wiring harness, and mounting hardware - specific to quilting frame
Click Here to review answers to Qbot Frequently Asked Questions

QBOT Design Collection (.pdf)
File Transfer Instructions (CD/DVD -> SD Card) (.pdf)
How-To #1 - Using the Design Templates (.pdf)
How-To #2 - Recording Your Designs (.pdf)
How-To #3 - Updating Firmware (.pdf)

Could you please confirm that the QBot is compatible with the Janome 1600P DB. Also would it be wired for Australian electricity conditions?

The QBOT will work in Australia with the janome 1600 series sewing machines. There is an additional fee of 40USD for the approved version for Australia (for electrical standards and overseas power adapter).

LiTen Up
Technologies, Inc.
27850 Irma Lee Circle, Suite 106
Lake Forest, IL 60045

QBOT, QCC, and Free Motion Assistant Dealers
for LiTen Up Technologies, Inc.

Great News for 2014

We have listened to you and current and potential quilters using QBOT to enhance
their creative quilting experience and h
ave been working on the next version of QBOT. We are calling it
‘V3.’ To get an idea of what V3 can do, see our video
We have also posted the ‘sneak peek’ on our
Blog (available from our home page
V3 will use an app developed for Android devices
, not Apple or iOS devices,
and the current
However, since
V3 will use
and firmware, customers who already own QBOT and
dealers w
ho have QBOT’s who desire an upgrade will fill out an upgrade form on our website and send in
their QBOT’s for this upgrade.
The upgrade will be available for all QBOTs, regardless of purchase date
(i.e. 5 years ago, yesterday, or tomorrow.)
Dealers can
continue to sell the current QBOT at the regular pricing knowing that their customer
are able
to upgrade in the future.
When we have completed the development of V3, we will be able to provide you the pricing of V3
and the
associated upgrade forms for y
our stock/demo QBOT’s
We are working hard to have this available as early in 2014 as possible.
Our goal is to ensure that the
quilting process is only made better by the addition of the tablet, not made more cumbersome with more
screens and buttons, etc
So far from our testing, things are looking very, very good!
Other Important News.
As you may know, Denise Applegate
Schober has worked for us for 5 years as
our main educator and marketing specialist. She has worked with you during that time to ens
ure you
could provide your customers the best possible experience in purchasing and using our products. She
has been your main contact via email and telephone, as well as an integral part of in
store events and
quilt shows that you have requested. Additi
onally, she has been a main player in the online classes and
clubs through our website,
We are sad to say that she has decided to move on and will no longer be working for us. We are going to
miss he
r tremendously!
However, be assured that we are here to take care of your needs, whether it be ordering, providing input
for customer service, or assisting at events. All you have to do is let us know.
For the time being,
Carol Tarras will be your main
contact. She can be reached at the following:
Via email: