This magnetic panel is enough to cover a large dishwasher or other magnetic surface. Be sure to measure your appliance to make sure this is enough material to cover your project! SoftMetal is a metallic adhesive film that looks exactly like any real stainless steel metal surface when adhered. Comes as a magnetic panel that can be easily trimmed down to size. It gives you the look of stainless steel without the price tag and can be used to decorate appliances, back splashes, or just about anything with a flat magnetic surface.

Please be sure to check and make sure your dishwasher is magnetic if purchasing a magnetic cover. If a magnet sticks to your refrigerator but not your dishwasher do not purchase a magnetic cover as it will not stick to your dishwasher. Instead you will need to use the film option. Film option comes with a free squeegee for easy install. All materials clean easily with water and soap or other mild household cleaner, however any cleaner that contains alcohol or any kind of thinner should never be used. All options are reusable when removed and stored properly.
26" x 23.5" (For dishwashers with separate door and kick plate panels, the kick plate cover is not included)

Magnets CANNOT be printed wider than 24". Also please note that due to the production process actual magnet sizes can vary as much as 1/4" in any direction.
Greg Barron, Saint Paul, MN
Well, I was wary to make a $50 bet. I'm something of a perfectionist so I was resolved to toss it and lose the investment if it didn't look great...It looks great!! It comes rolled up. When unrolled on my dining room table one could readily see waves on the surface, not creases but soft "roll-ripples". They didn't settle out to flat after a few days but I tried it on my dishwasher, ready for the worst, and the magnet backing snapped it down smooth immediately! Tips: Trim with a good Exacto or box cutter ( a new single edged razor blade would probably do just fine. It cuts easily. Measure carefully and use a long steel/rigid straight edge and press down on it securely to guide your blade tightly against the edge. Press firmly and draw across. It cuts easily! Handle carefully, but it's not delicate and won't crease easily. Position carefully on your front panel. The magnet will snap down strongly. Carefully re-position if necessary; might take a few times to get it into the "just right" position!. Then smooth down with a soft cloth. Mine was about 1/16th of an inch too wide on each side but I didn't bother further trimming as it is undetectable and looks fabulous! It is close enough in appearance to match my refrigerator wonderfully. Take it from a perfectionist: It is a great solution!