Only compatible with Windows XP 32 Bit, not with any later versions Windows Vista, 7, or 8, nor any 64 Bit Computer. No Drivers Available from AllBrands or OESD*

*The Magic Box and Magic Box Elite versions(5.2) are compatible with Vista (32-bit OS). Neither box is compatible with new Vista (64-bit OS) at this time. OESD 11/22/10

  • Reads And Writes Most Embroidery Formats To Blank Card
  • One Blank Embroidery Card Included For Your Machine
  • Download Pre-Digitized Designs From Internet, Pc Hard Drive, Cd, And Floppy Disks
  • Embroidery Card Converter And Software
  • One Blank Card Compatible With Your Embroidery Machine Is Included In The Price Of The OESD Mini Magic Box
  • A Blank Card Can Hold Up To Six Designs At A Time
  • Works With the most popular Embroidery Machines And Existing Embroidery Software
  • The Magic Box software is not compatible with 64-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Vista, or 64-bit Windows 7. It is compatible with 32-bit operating systems only.
  • Not Compatible with Mac Computers.
  • Slot 1:
  • Bernina Artista .art
  • Pfaff .pcs
  • Janome .jef

  • Slot 2:
  • Baby Lock .pes
  • Brother 150+ .pes
  • Bernina Deco 500-650 .pes
  • Simplicity SE1-3 .pes
  • White 3300 .pes
  • Viking 1+ & Rose .hus

    Please note: Disney cards are incompatible with this software box

  • The magic box will not work on a 64 bit computer. If a customer wants to keep an old piece of equipment, they must also keep an older computer that was compatible with it. The magic box IS compatible with a 32 bit computer. It IS NOT compatible with a 64 bit computer.

    *The manufacturer for Magic Box will no longer support or supply this product.
I understand this item can be used with my Baby Lock Accent machine (15+ yrs old). It is embroidery only. My new computer (purchased last week) will not take my Magic Box elite converter. The computer has Windows 7 Home Premium and 64 whatever. Can't remember what the 64 if for, but computer people know what it is. What else will I have to do with this item to make it function for my computer? Any special stuff to install? Or is it straight out of the box, load the software, and ready to go? Since there is no return, I want to be sure this item is going to work for my machine. Thanks so much.
From OESD: Carol, We stopped supporting this product some time ago and I don’t have any software cd’s for this, you may try eBay or try going online to find a cd…Also as a heads up, most people have problems registering the magic box; as it requires a registration key unfortunately I don’t have that either, but if you have that already it could still work. ***This product has been discontinued and the technical support agreement has expired. For assistance with the installation and operation of the software, please refer to your manual or local computer repair service.***Please note the Magic Box will not work on the newer 64 bit operating systems. To see if your computer is 64 bit, please go to start, control panel, system - in the middle of the system window you will see "System Type" and here it will indicate if 32 bit or 64 bit. The Magic Box will only work on 32 bit computers.
The data within the registration window must match exactly (including punctuation, spacing and capitalization) with the data originally provided below. Click on “Register Now”. If the data does not match exactly you will get an "invalid activation code" message.

What is the Mini Magic Box?
The Mini Magic Box is a device that is used with a personal computer to transfer designs from one card type to another or to transfer a design file from a computer to a blank memory card. It was developed by OESD. It can also allow you to download designs from the Internet to your computer and transfer the design to your embroidery machine through the blank card included.

Do you need a computer to use the Mini Magic Box?
Yes. The Mini Magic Box comes with software that installs into a PC and runs the box. But, Smart Sizer, Size Express, and Lettering Pro can be added.

What software is needed to run the Mini Magic Box?
Only the included Mini Magic Box software is needed to use the Mini Magic Box.

Can the Magic Box read .art cards or convert other brands of cards to .art to write to my blank .art card?

.Art cards cannot be read back into the computer nor can any other brand of card be converted to .art and written to the blank card.

What port does the Mini Magic Box use to connect to the computer?
An empty serial port is required for the Mini Magic Box to be connected to the computer.

Can the Mini Magic Box work with existing embroidery software?
The Mini Magic Box will work in conjunction with most embroidery software when downloading pre-digitized designs from your personal computer.

Can you size or edit designs within the Mini Magic Box software?
No. The Mini Magic Box software is only an "in-and-out" software. There is no "SAVE" feature or edit options.

What is a Magic Designs Blank Card?
Special blank memory card that can only be written to by in the Mini Magic Box. One blank card of your choice is selected at the time of purchase and is included in the price of the Mini Magic Box.

Can one write to a regular blank card?
No. Only a compatible blank card can be written to via the Mini Magic Box.

Can a Blank Card be read into existing software through a different reader/writer box or embroidery machine?
No. This is to protect the copyrights of the original design card or selected designs being used.

Will all designs be usable through the Mini Magic Box?
Not all designs will fit onto all types of cards since the size of the sewing field and total stitch count allowed differs from one machine to the next. Please determine the usability of other brand embroidery cards on your machine before purchasing.

What about the true colors of the design once it has been transferred?
When used in conjunction with the Color Editor, you will be able to define the colors used in sewing for those machines that show thread colors on the screen.

Can additional Blank Cards be purchased?
Yes. Additional Blank Cards may be purchased as needed. This would be necessary for people with two or more different brands of embroidery machines, yet only one Magic Box is required.

What are the copyright regulations of the Magic Box?
1. Each user must be the ORIGINAL purchase of ANY and ALL designs or design cards being used in a Magic Box.
2. Transfer of designs from card to card is for the ORIGINAL purchaser's use only.
3. Copying, sharing, or selling designs to other users is a violation of copyright.
4. Each person must own the original design or design card and continue to own the card while embroidered items are being sewn, worn, and/or used.

Why won't the Mini Magic Box work with the Designer 1?
The Viking Designer 1 does not have a memory card port (only floppy disk) on the machine. Therefore, the Designer 1 is incompatible with Mini Magic Box which requires a memory card port. You can still convert other brand card deigns to the special Viking blank memory card included, however, Viking Customizer won't read it. Other brand card designs cannot be saved on a disk so it won't work with Designer 1.

Kim, which box converts to .art for Bernina
Bernina used to make a box, but they don’t any longer, nor is it supported. The 180 machine is so old, and as such it does not have new development for it. The only thing the customer can do is to have a 32 bit computer and use the magic box and artista magic card. The other thing is the customer can use the explorations software and write directly to the 180 machine through the software, but that has a dongle. (She can also use the Bernina software). I know it’s not the answer she wants, but that’s the only options. (unless she wants to update her machine). It’s not always possible to update one piece of your equipment (the computer) to the latest technology and still be compatible with older products that was produced before the new technology was developed. Kim at OESD
William, Louisville, KY
With so many companies almost eliminating service to the customer, your people on the phones were so nice and helpfull. Thank them for me. They treated me like a person, not just someone they wanted to get rid of on the phone. I judge a company by the products and the service. Your people get a gold star.

Jessica, Thousand Oaks, CA
Thank you so much, I am so happy with my purchase. I will definitely shop on in the future. I am a very happy customer!