A complete manual for the beginner through the advanced smocker. Over 1000 step-by-step color photographs. Learn stitches, how to read graphs, and techniques such as ribbon weaving, counter change smocking, free form smocking and more! So much inspiration!

Learn the art of smocking from the experts!

Whether you are a novice or a professional, the A-Z of Smocking will give you fresh ideas, new perspectives, renewed confidence and bring smocking within reach of anyone who can thread a needle.

Have you tried ribbon weaving or freeform smocking? Explored the versatility of chain stitch on pleats? Do you know the difference between jigsaw and template smocking?

Starting at ‘A’ with accent stitches and finishing at ‘Z’ with zigzag stitches you’ll agree that this is the most comprehensive smocking book ever published.

You’ll learn how to work the stitches, pleat and block a garment, read graphs and select colours, fabrics and threads.

You’ll also find a list of smocking terms, comprehensive information about the threads, fabrics and equipment required and receive expert advice on different techniques such as ribbon weaving, counterchange, template and freeform smocking and much more.

Just imagine opening up this ‘how to guide’ to find 1020 step-by-step photographs with simple instructions for you to learn 71 different stitches and techniques!

It’s bursting with hints, including tips for left handed smockers, ideas and inspirational photographs which will unleash your creativity – order your copy today!
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The world famous A-Z Series has sold more than 2.2 million copies worldwide. The 3rd title in this series of indispensable needlework guides is a must have for any smocker.

Semi-hardcover, Concealed spiral binding, 228mm x 218mm wide, 128pp

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