• Easy-to-use drawing program for embroiderers
  • Create perfect line-art to use in your embroidery digitizing program
  • 14 Tutorial movies and a printable User Guide
  • 145 Pattern Samples
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

About Pre-Design

    This drawing program is designed especially for embroiderers: The program
    includes 145 pattern samples and on the CD-rom you will find 14 Tutorial
    Video's and a printable User Guide, all "packed" in an attractive introduction
    program with easy navigation buttons to install the program, watch the
    tutorial movies or print the user guide.

    The program is easy to use. It doesn't have all the brush-strokes, blur,
    drop shadow, anti-alias and other fancy effects that only complicate a program
    and make it so hard to use for us embroiderers, who in fact only need to draw
    clean lines, with even thickness everywhere.

    It is a vector drawing program, meaning that you take a tool (line, curve,
    rectangle, circle) and click from point to point to draw the object and
    double-click to finish. So, even if you don't have a steady hand, the line
    will still be a straight line, or a perfect curve. Edit the lines by selecting
    and moving points. Then save, and export to turn the drawing into a bitmap.

    The outcome: a perfect quality bitmap that hardly needs editing in Stage 2
    or 3 of Design Center (PE-Design/Paletté/DecoWizard) and works like a charm
    with the "new" autodigitizing programs. In fact: the drawing program is a
    perfect start for any digitizing program where you start the design by opening
    a bitmap! And, for a real quick start: In Pre-DesignTM you can copy the
    drawing to clipboard, then start your embroidery software and paste the
    drawing!! (This works in all embroidery software programs that support the
    Windows Clipboard, such as PE-Design Version 4, BERNINA Artista Designer and
    the Singer software).

    You can use an image as a background to draw over it, or you can scan an
    image into the program and trace it with the various drawing tools.

    You can use various line widths, from hairline thin, one pixel wide lines
    (perfect for Design Center) to thicker lines in any color you want, perfect
    for Click n Stitch, Origins, Artista and other embroidery programs.

Export your drawing directly to *.PEM format!!!

    This is really too good to be true!! In version 2 you can save your drawing
    made in Pre-Design in *.PEM-format, to be opened in Design Center Stage 3. No
    more editing, cleaning up, spending hours and hours moving point in Stage 3,
    no: just draw in Pre-Design (over a scanned background image or over an
    existing bmp, jpg or wmf-file) and choose File - Export PEM. Then open this
    saved PEM file in Design Center and fill it with stitches in Stage 4. It
    completely skips the "thinning process" and "resolution" stages in Design
    Center. So a huge time saver for all users of Brother's PE-Design 4 and
    Babylock's Palette 4.

Turn True Type Fonts into line-art in just seconds!!

    You won't believe this until you actually work with the new Pre-DesignTM
    program!! You can insert text using the True Type Fonts installed on your
    computer. A text or a dingbat-graphic is converted into line-art in just
    seconds!! You can resize and edit this text or the graphic by moving and
    adding points if you like, or just export it to that perfect quality
    hairline-thin bitmap that is the "pre" of Pre-DesignTM! And then open it in
    Design Center or your other embroidery software and digitize it. So, while you
    are waiting for the new program, start collecting True Type Fonts ;-) A good
    place to start is Font Graden.

    And you can insert text on a selected path. Draw a circle, bow, or any
    shape and insert the text, to follow that path. Great for logo's!

New in version 2: the Magic Circle

    Now, for those of you that really can't draw, there's a new exciting
    feature in Pre-Design version 2: the Magic Circle. Now you can draw one little
    flower, or leaf (or any shape you like), select it, click the Magic Circle
    button and decide how many copies you want and adjust the spacing; click OK
    and you have created a wreath of your selected objects. This is a lot of fun
    and very addictive!

System Requirements:

    Minimum system requirements: PC with Pentium (R) II or higher processor, 64
    MB of RAM memory, 32 MB free disk space, Windows(R) 98b/2000/ME/XP operating