Included Extra Bonus, Auto Stop Switch for 3 Position Electric Lift, Plus a Bypass Button to go from Top to Bottom, or from Bottom to Top Bypassing Flatbed Level, Saves Wear on the Electric Lift Mechanisms, Extends Warranty to 2 Years When Ordered Built Into Cabinets Listed Below.

*Use for Machine Freearm All the Way Up Position, Flatbed Flush Mount Position with Accessory Tray On, and Hideaway (All the Way Down) Positions, for Custom Build Sewing Machine Cabinets, *Cut Wood Platform Out of Your Table Top or Use Plywood if you save top of table cut out as a filler plate..

Available in Brown or White with or without Auto Stop Feature! For use with even the new heavier machines up to 75 pounds! This lift is approved for use with even the new heavier machines. 75 pounds!

Fashion Cabinet of America's electric lift is strong, easy to use and effortless at the touch of a switch. The new optional Auto-Stop feature makes using the lift even easier. Preset the lift to stop at the flatbed position where you would use an insert to fill the void and it will stop at that level perfectly everytime, eliminating the hassle of running it up and down until you hit the right spot. Then if you want to use your machine in the free-arm position you simply hold the switch in the up position and tap the bypass button a couple times until it starts to go up on its own and continue holding the switch by itself until the unit stops again by itself.

Shown left and right is the current structure of the lift but the wiring is now a separate power pack that attaches to the switch.


Press and hold the UP/DOWN switch as usual until the lift stops by itself at either the bottom or Flatbed position. To continue to the Free-Arm position hold the UP/DOWN switch in the UP direction and TAP the Bypass button until the lift continues to rise without it, then ONLY hold the UP/DOWN switch in the UP direction until it again stops on its own. CAUTION: DO NOT HOLD THE BYPASS BUTTON IN as it will bypass the other limits as well and void the warranty.


Adjusting the Flatbed position stop is facilitated by turning the threaded rod, located behind the lift rail opposite the drive rack, using the two jamb nuts found about 6 inches from the bottom of the lift. WITH THE MACHINE IN PLACE, as viewed from above, turn the rod clockwise to raise the position and counter-clockwise to lower the position. When checking the setting be sure to lower well passed the level and then raise again. Once set the level should remain exactly the same each time. Changing the weight on the lift such as adding something to the machine may change the stop location. If the weight changes or you change machine altogether, it is a simple matter of re-adjusting the stop again for the new weight.

Extends Warranty!

A lift that comes with the Auto-Stop option already installed, automatically has the lift warranty extended to 2 years.

Retro-Fitting to Lifts Without the Feature

Even current owners of rectangular rail lifts can have the feature added. The mechanism for the Auto-Stop is fairly simple and consists of a change to the internal carriage wiring, the switch bracket and the addition of the adjustable stop and the top and bottom stops. The switch bracket is installed under two of the motor attachment bolts, the stops and adjusting rod holders are fixed in place with a liberal amount of super glue and good clamping for 20 to 30 minutes and replacing the motion switch. We strongly suggest you have a qualified dealer install a retro-fit, especially if the lift is still in warranty.

  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • The Roberts patented electric lift system allows straight up and down movement in three positions.
  • By releasing the switch, you can stop it in free arm, flatbed or hideaway positions.
  • The motor is thermal protected.
  • Included with Roberts sewing cabinet models #6809 and #9800, or the electric lift can be purchased separately for contractors to build into your custom made sewing cabinet.
Other Images

icon A rear view of a lift with the Optional Auto-Stop feature installed. Notice the threaded rod and the bottom stop on the opposite side from the gear rack.

icon Optional Auto Stop with Bypass of Flatbed Level, so you can go from top to bottom or from bottom to top bypassing flatbed level.

What is the difference between an "electric lift mechanism", and an "air lift platform mechanism"?
The "Electric lift" offers both ways with a switch, no manual effort either way, and the "Air Lift" is manual push down (easy) and pneumatic pressure lift up (automatic).
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