VORTEX LED Desk Lamp with Built-In Filterless Samsung SPI Air Purifier illuminates your reading, while purifying the air around you. The energy and cost saving light has three dimming levels, and is perfect for reading, relaxing and bedtime modes. Also, the air purifier eliminates dust mites, cat/dog allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds and even MRSA with coverage up to 175 square feet.
  • US Warranty 30 day limited warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

  • 42 bright-white LEDs
  • 12 Watt (saves $286.00 on utility bills over the life of the lamp based on
    average of $.11/KwH)
  • 50,000 hours lifespan (lasts up to 28 years based on 5 hours/day usage)
  • 1200 Lux brightness
  • Operates cooler than incandescent and fluorescent desk lamps
  • Multi-steps of dimming modes
  • Does not emit UV radiation
  • No flickering
  • Environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic mercury

    Air purification

  • Ozone and toxic free
  • Very quiet operation
  • Covers up to 175 sq ft.
  • Eliminates over 99% of air contaminants (viruses, bacteria, molds and even MRSA)
  • Effectiveness certified for elimination of dust mite and cat/dog allergen
  • Neutralizing active oxygen radicals
  • Energy consumption (2W)t

Samsung Super Plasma Ionizer, SPi in short, is the latest, internationally recognized, air purifying technology developed by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS. The Samsung SPi generates Hydrogen atom (H+) and Oxygen ion (O₂-) which reacts together to form Hydroperoxyl radicals which the positively charged biological contaminants then reacts with three hydrogen elements of its protein structure before forming water vapor. Also, the Hydrogen atom (H) will combine with OH-radical to form a water vapor and neutralize harmful OH-radical. SPi has been tested and proven by many academic institutions in Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom (UK) to remove up to 99.99% biological contaminants such as Bacteria, Influenza and SARS Virus, Fungi, molds. SPi also eliminates harmful allergens (such as dust mites, dusts, and pets’ hair) which may cause rhinitis, asthma or other allergic symptoms. It also removes cigarette and food odor effectively indoors. The Samsung SPi will keep you healthy by ensuring that clean air is provided when you are driving and at home. Yes, the Samsung SPi is ideal for use at home and in your automobile. It is strongly recommended for those who prefer fresher air, want better skin conditions due to eliminated allergens and more protection from illnesses and diseases. The SPi is fully manufactured in Korea to ensure product’s quality. The simple and luxurious design allows you to place it any where in your room, office or automobile with a touch of class. Start protecting your family and yourself today!